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Capture One CH is coming to the Windows platform! Most of our users are using Mac computers, so it was logical that we would start the journey of Capture One Cultural Heritage (C1 CH) on the Mac platform. But as DT and Phase One solutions have reached a broader and broader user base we heard an increased number of users requesting compatibility with Windows. We’ve listened to those user requests and are announcing Capture One CH for Windows, starting with Capture One 12.1 CH. That means most of the features that CH users have come to rely on are available for our PC users including AutoCrop, Auto Deskew, PPI Ruler, Negative Film Reproduction, bespoke CH color profiles, CH workspaces, and Slipstream mode. The remaining features of AutoPPI and DT AutoColumn integration will be added to Capture One CH for Windows later this year.

Having complete parity between Mac and PC will mean our users can freely select between these two operating systems, and helps our systems live up to our goal of being an open, flexible, and compatible platform for modern digitization.

The updated Capture One CH 12.1 comes with a fully-supported Windows version, that includes features such as:

  • Negative Film Reproduction Tools and Styles
  • Advanced Auto Cropping including automatic straightening/ rotation and alignment
  • Capture Resolution Ruler
  • Slipstream Capturing mode for non-trained Operators
  • CH Workspaces and styles
  • ICC profiles for Cultural Heritage
  • Creative enhancements
  • Camera Focus with AutoColumn and PPI-Assist

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