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Broncolor Scope D50

A lighting system unlike any other, Scope D50 allows for an object to be captured in a truly unique way. Developed in cooperation with Swiss-based firm TRUVIS, Scope D50 records 48 separate photographs with individual illumination parameters and separate light elements. Through the TRUVIS Authentica Creator software, users can create virtual light sources to change the lighting characteristics of the object after-the-fact.


  • Unique image capture system for surface and texture visualization
  • Compatible with most cameras (flash sync output req’d)
  • Lights an object with 48 individual LEDs across different directions and spectra
  • Allows users to capture highly detailed information and virtually change lighting parameters in post-production, adjusting intensity, direction, or quality of light

Optimized for Capture One CH

The Broncolor D50 can be precisely mapped using calibrated color profiles  in Capture One CH.
Learn More about Capture One CH.

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