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For institutions at the bleeding-edge of cultural heritage research, custom solutions are an everyday necessity, and constructing them requires a flexible partner well-versed in the most advanced imaging technologies available.

DT Heritage has a full R&D division dedicated to building custom spectral solutions, automated capture sequences for time lapse and focus stacking, photogrammetry, and all manner of custom digitization cameras, lenses, lighting, and grip equipment.

Our solutions include one micron (25,000 ppi) microphotography systems, room-sized automated photogrammetry rigs, robotic arms, batch stitching solutions for multi-image capture, and fully automated rapid multi-spectral capture.

Whether your team works in conservation, restoration, material science, or another demanding field, DT is the ideal partner for complex digital imaging solutions.

For institutions looking to outsource some or all of their digitization, our service division, DT Heritage, can provide these advanced imaging techniques as an outsourced service.

See below to browse selected systems, view case studies, or request a complimentary consultation with our team.


Depicted is a page spread of a Lady’s Book imaged with three spectral techniques using the DT Multispectra.

The standard color image is Visible Spectrum and shows, as your eye would see, a typical light brown page with dark brown staining from aging and contamination. The clean monochrome image shows the page in the infrared spectrum; this “sees through” the staining and contamination marks as these are transparent to infrared light. This allows a researcher to better approximate how the page appeared at the time of creation. The final false-color magenta/blue image is a synthetic spectral image comprised of a locally averaged difference map between the infrared and visible captures. This highlights the contamination and aging of the page – both the obvious ones and some more subtle areas of encroachment such as between the two adults in the main image and around the boundaries of the umbrella.

Multispectral imaging is often considered a slow, methodical, scientifically oriented field of imaging. But DT solutions such as the DT Multispectra and the DT Rainbow provide a variety of multispectral imaging techniques that can be scaled to large collections and standardized in an institution’s imaging pipeline en masse. As with all solutions DT sells, we can provide consultation, testing and use case evaluation, installation, training, and ongoing consultation. Or, if your institution needs a collection imaged with multispectral technology, but don’t have the resources to do so in-house, you can contract our expert service team DT Heritage to do the imaging as a service.

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Why Digitization?

Do it once. Do it right.

With the technology, expertise and services offered by DT Heritage, it is possible to create a very high-quality digital mirror of your original assets, creating an immediately accessible digital archive.

Meet DT Heritage

DT Heritage is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of digitization solutions for our nation’s libraries, museums, and cultural institutions. Using cutting edge technology to preserve our shared cultural heritage, we provide turnkey digitization solutions with advanced reprographic copy stands, revolutionary camera platforms, and sophisticated automation software. Our team comprises over a century of collective expertise, and brings together the industry’s top talent.

With diverse backgrounds in engineering, photography, conservation, and art history, our vast network of professional collaborators and passionate in-house R&D team enable us to provide custom solutions to overcome your most difficult challenges, and our award-winning support team ensures that you’re ready to take on new ones for years to come.

  • Our patented technology produces images at up to 14K resolution, the highest image quality on the market and years ahead of the 6K that is just now becoming common. Since you’re making the effort to digitize, we make sure the quality stands the test of time — so that you can repurpose it in multiple ways well into the future.
  • So many of the world’s most demanding and respected organizations have trusted DT Heritage to digitize their prized collections, no matter their age, condition, size, or shape. Get the picture with our case study videos.
  • Unlike other digitization providers, we can tailor your solution to give you exactly what you need — products, service, training, or a mix of all three.


  • Our equipment is designed for ergonomics, ease of use, and speed, and it exceeds national and international image quality standards.

Ballerinas On Stage

Imaging Technology

We can digitize anything at a level of detail you can’t get anywhere else. You have to see it to believe it. Check out our product videos to see the equipment in action.

DT Element

Meet the DT Element, it’s more than a copy stand – a complete digitization platform. The stand, camera, and column tightly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization. Our DT Element complies with FADGI 4-star, Metamorfoze Strict, ISO 19264 image quality, and JHOVE file format standards. What can you digitize with the DT Element? Nearly everything. It’s equally at home scanning bound materials, manuscripts, flat artwork, maps, translucent materials such as film or glass plate negatives, as well as specimens. The camera can even be removed to capture installation artwork, in-situ art, architecture, and more.

DT Versa

Meet the DT Versa, our solution designed for the digitization of all kinds of collections. The stand, camera, and column seamlessly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization. The Versa allows digitization with or without glass contact. With the Versa hardtop in place, all scanning is done 100% contact-free. Removing that hardtop reveals a conservation-friendly glass top with a user-settable maximum and with such precise control of the object that the operator can raise the object to lightly kiss the glass.

DT Atom

The DT Atom is the world’s most versatile digitization platform. The DT Atom is a table-top digitization platform that can adapt to nearly any material type. All DT products are modular and the DT Atom is no exception, with most of its adaptability owed to its removable tabletop. We call the DT Atom the “building block of digitization.” Simply swap out the standard reflective top for one of our seven accessory tops, to handle books, loose material, film, glass plates, textiles, maps, and more. Nearly anything in an encyclopedic collection can be scanned on a DT Atom.

Celebrating 20 Years of Digitization Excellence - 2003-2023

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