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Solutions for Medical, Scientific, and Custom

We design and manufacture our own camera bodies, lens panels, reprographic copystands, and accessories in the United States. Our diverse expertise in the areas of optical, mechanical, and software design provide us a virtually unlimited capacity to custom design solutions to meet specific needs.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of entities to develop practical custom solutions to unique challenges. We have had great success designing solutions for industrial imaging, medical imaging, forensic, and other unusual applications. Our hardware is well suited to such precision industrial imaging applications where tight tolerances, modularity, consistent repeatability, and extreme durability are essential. Below are just a few examples of custom solutions we’ve provided.

Image Courtesy of SITU Research

High-Magnification Macro

Our development team has extensive expertise in creating high-magnification imaging solutions. Here we developed a precision positioning table that provided micron-accurate subject movement enabling a 300-shot stitch to document the physical features of the head of a dead housefly.

Digital Transitions

Multispectral Imaging

Multispectral imaging (MSI) captures light from a range of wavelengths – visible and invisible to the human eye – across the electromagnetic spectrum using special camera technology, light sources, and filters.

The resulting “stacks” of images are used to analyze substances and surfaces to determine readability, authenticity, age, and material-characterization and distributionREAD MORE


Specimen Slide Imaging

We worked with the Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology at the Boston University School of Medicine to develop a rapid capture system to image their specimen slides containing cross sections of monkey brain. Their previous system required 30 minutes per slide and was difficult to keep in calibration. Our solution provided increased resolution and can capture several slides per minute.


Digital Transitions

Forensic Imaging

DT systems are in use at several government agencies (none of which we are allowed to name) for various forensic applications. We can custom-build solutions which include UV and IR sensitivity, high magnification, and extreme repeatability. Featuring resolution up to 150 megapixels (~900MB 16-bit TIFF) in one capture and limitless resolution when stitching, our systems can be used in a wide range of forensic applications.

Digital Transitions

Petroleum Engineering

Our DT MultiSpectra is being used by Dr. Saman Aryana, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at University of Wyoming.

“We use the DT Multispectra to collect images of microfluidic chips to determine distribution of various fluids inside the model at any given point in time. The chips are quasi 2d representations of hydrocarbon bearing formations such as sandstone. The setup allows visualization of the entire  aerial extent of the chip in one shot, and the resolution enables the user to discern small features (as small as 10-20 um) without losing information at the global scale (scale of the entire chip). Experiments using pairs of fluids, such as oil and CO2, are conducted and flow instabilities are characterized at the scale of the chip and at the scale of the pores, simultaneously.” – Dr. Saman Aryana

We configured Dr Aryana’s system based on our monochromatic digital back (available at up to 150mp resolution) which is sensitive from near ultraviolet to mid infrared. Working with his team, we helped to select three optical filters that would help to isolate n-decane, supercritical CO2, and water based on their spectral transmission and reflectivity.

Saman Aryana – U of Wyoming

Saman Aryana – U of Wyoming

Fossil, Mineral and Petroleum Exploration

Situ Research and  Princeton University Geologist Adam Maloof used the DT RCam Reprographic Camera at the heart of the Grinding, Imaging and Reconstruction Instrument (GIRI). This device creates a high definition 3D map of a rock sample by grinding away one layer at a time, and imaging the rock at each layer. “In order to record these cross sections, Situ integrated a DT RCam – a medium format 80 megapixel camera – directly onto a CNC precision grinding machine. This ultra-high resolution reprographic camera, equipped with vibration reducing leaf lens technology, is normally used to archive precious library collections, and in this case allows GIRI to image serial sections in 48 bit color with detail as fine as 5 microns.”

SITU Research


The DT VERSA is a multi-role copy stand that allows the digitization of many different types of material sizes. From books (using the glass top plate), film (partnered with DT FSK), loose manuscripts and flat art. The DT VERSA is a fast and versatile digitizing machine that is a great compliment to any institutions preservation needs.


Legacy copy stands were not designed with the precision required for modern high-resolution digitization. The DT ELEMENT Reprographic System was built from the ground up for the era of digital capture.


The DT RCam is a versatile reproduction camera designed to work with a wide variety of digital backs to make certain you can utilize the best back for each particular project. Many other reprographic cameras are difficult to align and keep aligned, hard to set up, and are limited by the lenses, shutter systems, software, and digital backs they support.

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