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DT LaserAlign System


Please note, orders placed now will begin shipping at the end of October 2021.

The DT LaserAlign is a purpose-built laser alignment system for the Heritage community. With best-in-class precision, durability, and functionality, the DT LaserAlign can be used to calibrate systems for the most sensitive applications, making FADGI, Metamorfoze, and ISO 19264 compliance achievable. Each unit is hand-checked for proper calibration, and convenient kits are available with industry leading B+W F-Pro filters, pre-sized for your DT Heritage camera system. Each filter features a sturdy brass ring to prevent warping or cross-threading, and precision machined Schott glass for the best possible planarity.

Please note: if using a third-party imaging system with a different filter thread size, we recommend purchasing filters from the B+W IR 092 or 093 series for best results.

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Unique features include:

  • Triangular Design that ensures a stable wobble-free base
  • Made of thermally stable carbon-fiber composite to prevent long-term warping
  • Padded feet for safer contact with delicate surfaces
  • Precision laser with the smallest spot size of any commercially available alignment system
  • Hand-calibrated at factory to 0.025 degrees tolerance, to ensure laser is exactly perpendicular
  • Magnetic base for use on angled surfaces like the DT V-Cradle or DT BC100
  • Tripod thread and spirit level for imaging art on walls or easels
  • Hanging hole for special applications
  • Recessed controls for durability in transit
  • USB rechargeable battery (cable included)
  • Exactly centered laser for easy calibration check (which involves rotating the device around the center of the laser)

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