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The DT Reel Film Top


The DT Reel Film Top allows DT Atom users to scan a variety of reel film ranging in size from microfilm (smaller than 35mm) to large-format aerial film.


We make all of our copystands & cameras here in the USA out of the strongest and lightest aircraft-grade aluminum.

Features & Benefits

Image Quality  14k scans at 16-bit (or higher via stitching); exceeds FADGI 4-Star, ISO 19264, and Metamorfoze imaging standards

Safe: Built to safely handle damaged, deteroriating, or invaluable reel film

Industrial Grade Built to steadily hold heavy reels, and durable for years of heavy use

Modular Choose a reel size that suits your material

Maximum Film Size 12″ wide, 16″ in diameter and 10 lbs in weight

Minimum Film Size 8mm motion film or microfilm

Film Advancement Manual feed and uptake via smoothly rotating hand controls

Carrier Mounts Customized reel carriers are included

Cleaning All surfaces are easily accessed and cleaned

Adjustable Film Path Height easy and precise adjustment of the film path height while maintaining precise planarity – especially important for damaged and fragile film

Optical Quality Glass Museum grade clarity

Gating Customizable and locking gate to block stray light

The Reel Film Top for the DT Atom



We make all of our copy stand & cameras here in the USA
out of the strongest and lightest Aircraft grade aluminum.

Optimized for Capture One CH

Combine the DT Reel Film Top with Capture One CH software to achieve the ultimate film scanning workflow. Capture One CH includes several tools specific to film scanning along with a multitude of others suited for book and fine art reproduction. Learn More about Capture One CH.



Film Top for the DT Atom Product Demo

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