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Preserve Your History and Make It Work For You

There is tremendous value in your organization’s legacy, and digitization is the key to unlocking that value. Imagine the many ways your staff and external stakeholders could use your eye-popping, one-of-a-kind heritage assets. Quickly and easily produce retrospectives to honor media or entertainment giants or capitalize on current events. Create ads, social media campaigns, and other brand-building efforts that generate revenue. Sell NFTs to collectors. License images to publishers and advertisers. Inspire a director with the historic information to accurately recreate set designs or costumes for the next big remake or sequel. The list is endless.

The beauty of heritage assets is that they are clearly differentiated, unique, virtually limitless and reusable, and ideally suited to the digital and social media age. And best of all, they are all yours!

By digitizing your heritage collection and adding the assets to your content management system you could turn those precious items into new revenue streams … and create a digital record of your history in the process!


Why Digitization


With the expertise and services offered by DT Heritage, combined with technology solutions from our hardware division, DT Heritage,  it is possible to produce very high-quality digital representations of your original assets, creating an immediately accessible digital archive. This opens the door for a myriad of revenue-generating opportunities as you create better access to your content and the possibility to produce compelling stories.


  • Create new licensing and branding opportunities for the unique items in your collection
  • Cultivate relationships with internal or external stakeholders
  • Bring new life to digital marketing campaigns with ads, social media posts, and other brand-building efforts that you can monetize


  • Offer new experiences by combining historical records, artwork and objects of every kind
  • Tell new stories about the artifacts in your collection
  • Digitally display previously inaccessible and underutilized objects from storage and archives
  • Enhance exhibitions and events with immersive experiences


  • Allow journalists, historians, researchers, writers, filmmakers, and marketers to access your collections
  • Use metadata to make every record and artifact fully searchable
  • Create on-line galleries of works to stimulate interest and engagement
  • Preserve your history — handle and digitize the items once, but access and reuse them in perpetuity, with the highest appropriate resolution for all applications
  • Head off the ravages of time through strategic redundancy



DT Heritage helps news organizations, production companies, movie studios, songwriters, publishers, theaters, and other rights holders activate the power of their undigitized heritage by turning physical artifacts into searchable, accessible digital assets at the highest resolution available today. If you want to digitize your physical collection but don’t have the in-house expertise, then you need DT Heritage.

Many companies offer digital imaging services, but no one understands the particular requirements of heritage preservation quite like DT Heritage. Our specialists have decades of combined experience working inside library and museum imaging departments. They’ve blended their unique insiders’ viewpoint with superior technical knowledge to perfect the art and science of heritage digitization.

That’s who will be working for you — on-site and off — from planning through completion.

Some of the things that set DT Heritage apart:

  • Not sure where to start, how long it will take, what equipment you need, or how to pay for it? The DT Heritage team will help plan your project, including technology assessments and developing timelines and budgets, to determine the best solution for your project.
  • Film Scanning: DT Heritage has spent over a decade perfecting film scanning workflows that optimize efficiency, fulfill each client’s unique goals, and conform to the highest image quality standards.
  • Our specialists will design advanced digitization workflows that blend seamlessly with your daily operations. Our proprietary workflow software, DT PixelFlow, uses AI and other techniques to analyze the images and deliver best-in-class OCR, facial recognition, and metadata so that your stakeholders can easily find what they’re looking for when repurposing.
  • Rare books, manuscripts, room-size paintings, maps, deteriorating film, tabletop art, jewelry, even bees — we’ve brought all of that and more from the material world into the digital realm.
  • No need to risk handling, packing, and transporting your fragile, one-of-a-kind items. Wherever your collection is in the world, we’ll bring the team and equipment to you. Get the picture by reading about DT Heritage’s recent trip to Estonia.
  • DT Heritage produces images at up to 14K resolution, the highest image quality on the market and years ahead of the 6K that is just now becoming common. Since you’re making the effort to digitize, we make sure the quality stands the test of time — so that you can repurpose it in multiple ways well into the future.
  • So many of the world’s most demanding and respected organizations have trusted DT Heritage to digitize their prized collections, no matter their age, condition, size, or shape. Get the picture with our case studies.



Custom-engineered rapid-capture systems create an ultra-high-resolution digital copy of your collection quickly and systematically. The result: minimizing cost and radically shortening time to market.

DT Heritage’s DT PixelFlow software enables our team to make the most of digital assets by extracting, analyzing, and transcribing text using optical character recognition (OCR) and applying artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to provide facial, object, and geographic descriptive metadata information.

By combining DT Heritage hardware solutions, DT Heritage’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, and our team’s expertise, we can digitize anything – even deteriorating film and 3D object like set mock-ups and musical instruments – at a level of detail you cannot get anywhere else.

Ballerinas On Stage



Do you know the value of your heritage? Like many media rights holders, you might have countless historical items sitting in storage — including volumes of news-assignment photos, bound scripts with handwritten director or actor notes, playbills, costumes, set pieces, 3D models, animation cels, old news clippings, production equipment, memorabilia, photos (prints, slides, and film), and so much more.

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