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Introducing the

DT Stellar

Advanced Lighting for Heritage Imaging

DT Stellar

Advanced Lighting for Heritage Imaging


Digital Transitions is pleased to announce the successor to its groundbreaking DT Photon line of heritage digitization lighting systems – the DT Stellar!

Newly designed from the ground up, the DT Stellar raises the already-high bar DT set for color quality, productivity, material safety, ergonomics, durability, and modularity for those running FADGI or ISO compliant digitization programs. And with our new DT Nexus software you can (among many advanced features) control the Stellar right from your computer.

Lighting Advancements

Additional Stop of Light

Lower Minimum Output

Higher Maximum Output

No External Control Box

Built-in Power Adapter & Simplified Cabling

Modular – Daisychain Unlimited Number of Lights

Improved Ergonomics

Improved Connectivity with Ethernet

Unmatched Light Quality & Color Accuracy

More Consistent,
More Accurate

The DT Stellar provides the highest-quality, most-consistent illumination available on the market for both reflective and transmissive materials. A custom LED pane is the heart of the Stellar, achieving 98 CRI-14, 98 CQS, 98 TM-30-18-Rf with a smooth, spike-free spectrum that is free of harmful UV radiation. And for simplicity, DT includes bespoke ICC profiles with the Stellar for all cameras DT sells, providing FADGI and ISO-compliant color quality out of the box.

DT Fusion
Instantly Better Color

The DT Stellar includes DT Fusion which doubles color accuracy by eliminating your camera’s “blind spots” and increasing its native response from 3-channels to 6-channels instantly and automatically (read the full details here). Whether you’re digitizing a million 35mm slides, a special collection of rare books, or a priceless Monet, the DT Stellar with Fusion provides the highest quality color capture you’ll find.

Blue Mode for
Sharper Monochrome

The DT Stellar’s specialized Sapphire Mode is made for capturing monochrome film with a monochrome camera. This technique, pioneered by Tom Rieger at the Library of Congress, and further validated in research done by JP Westenskow at the Center for Creative Photography significantly increases the sharpness of film captures at very high ppi.

Improve Your Productivity

Stable, Easy & Built for High Volume

The DT Stellar is designed for high-volume workflows. It is color-stable less than 10 seconds after powering on, and the sophisticated active cooling system ensures consistent color temperature and brightness regardless of how long a Stellar is running.

Every DT Stellar is self-contained for added flexibility and mobility; no external control box is required, and the power adapter is built in, greatly simplifying the cabling and operation of your system.

Ballerinas On Stage
Ballerinas On Stage


DT Nexus

DT Nexus software provides full control of the DT Stellar lighting system directly from the capture station, but offers much, much more, including color profiling, color profile validation, and control over the camera, DT Autocolumn, and RAW settings. Plus, not only can each light have its power individually adjusted in increments as small as 1/100th of a stop, you can create groups of lights to be easily adjusted together.

For users or situations where computer control isn’t desirable, most DT Stellar settings can be controlled from the simple single-knob color encoder on each Stellar. 

Full Computer Control:

  • Control Stellar lights
  • Create & control groups of lights
  • Easy Color profiling
  • Color profile validation
  • AI Cropping
  • Control Camera
  • Control Autocolumn
  • Control RAW settings

Calibration + Validation

DT Nexus can also integrate with Capture One to automatically set the exposure and white balance based on an ISA FADGI 19264 target, DT NGT2 target, or ColorChecker SG target and can optionally generate an in-situ profile from those targets.


  • ISO 19264
  • FADGI 2023


  • Color
  • Tone

Targets Supported

  • ISA FADGI 19264
  • DT NGT2
  • ISA Golden Thread OLT
  • Image Engineering UTT
  • Unannounced Film Target
Ballerinas On Stage

Safe & Built to Last

Material Safety

The DT Stellar is designed for maximum safety of the valuable and fragile material being digitized at museums, libraries, and archives. It contains no meaningful UV radiation, which can fade or otherwise damage collection material. The temperature of the DT Stellar is carefully controlled which means that in addition to being completely safe for reflective material, it’s also safe to place your transmissive material directly on the DT Stellar when using it as a lightbox.


The DT Stellar can reduce eye fatigue by automatically dimming between captures while using any camera supported by Capture One (which means almost any professional camera). Each light also has an optional hood which limits the amount of the light visible and camera flare to the operator.


The DT Stellar is designed and built in the USA with industrial-grade standards, with each component selected for quality and durability. While the world has become accustomed to consumer goods that last a year or two, museums, libraries, and archives need lighting that will last decades. That’s why every DT Stellar comes with a three-year parts/labor warranty.

Industry-leading Support

As with all products DT sells, the DT Stellar comes with access to our award-winning expert support team. We specialize in digitization and our team has worked with hundreds of the world’s leading museums, libraries, and archives, meaning it is unlikely you’ll encounter a scenario they haven’t solved before.

Made to be Modular

Reflective or Transmissive

The DT Stellar is like a Lego block for digitization. Every Stellar can be used for either reflective material or transmissive material. For reflective material each Stellar is 48cm (19″) long, which is appropriate for smaller stations like the DT Atom.

Ballerinas On Stage
Ballerinas On Stage

DT Gemini – Twin Lights

For larger stations like the DT Element, DT Versa, or DT Titan, two Stellars can be combined using a DT Gemini Kit creating a 96cm (38″) light similar in form factor to a DT Photon XL, but with significant ergonomic improvements. The Gemini bracket centers the weight of the lights over the stand, and pivots the lighting up or down without changing its balance or distance to the subject.

Even Larger Configurations

For even larger stations such as a wall mount or easel being used for large paintings, banks of DT Stellars can be custom configured in any grid pattern. An unlimited number of Stellars can be connected via ethernet with the built in daisy chain port. This allows any Stellar to control the settings of the entire lighting configuration. 

This modularity, along with the durability of construction, makes the DT Stellar a solid long-term investment.

Ballerinas On Stage

New Features

Unrivaled Color Accuracy

Reflective or Transmissive Material

Consistent Color & Brightness, No Matter How Long it Runs

Control Right from Your Computer

Easily Adjust Individual Lights or Custom Groups

Adjustments up to 1/100th of a stop

Automatically Set Exposure & White Balance

Designed & Built in the USA for Quality & Durability






Made in the USA

Expected bulb life:

25,000 hours

Color Quality

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


CRI-14, CQS-Qa, TM-30-18-Rf


Color Quality Score (CQS-Qa)


Color Quality Score (CQS-Qg)


Colour Fidelity Index (TM-30-18-Rf)


Colour Fidelity Index (TM-30-18-Rg)


Color temperature:

5600 K

Spectral Flatness:


Color Profile:

Included in DT Nexus

Color Spectrum:

Smooth, spike free

Color Illumination

Light Modes:

White, Blue, Fusion

Reflective materials


Transmissive materials


Transmissive Narrow Band


Fusion Processing


Lux / EV




Exposure @ 1m:

ISO 100, f/8 @ 1/30


Manual Control:

Unit dial / Capture Station

Increment value:

1/3, 1/28, 1/100 stop

Daisy Chain Power:


Daisy chain control




47 – 63Hz

Input (amps at what voltage):

MAX 3.5A@115v



Weight (for single light):

9 lbs

Weight (for Gemini double light):

18 lbs

Physical Dimensions(for single unit):

19.25″ x 10.125″ x 4.125″

Physical Dimensions(for double unit):

39.25″ x 10.125″ x 4.125″


Atom 5/8″ pin; Vesa 100 x 200

Celebrating 20 Years of Digitization Excellence - 2003-2023

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