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DT Heritage is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of digitization solutions for our nation’s libraries, museums, and cultural institutions. Using cutting-edge technology to preserve our shared heritage, we provide turnkey digitization solutions with advanced reprographic copy stands, revolutionary camera platforms, and sophisticated automation software. Our team comprises over a century of collective expertise and brings together the industry’s top talent.


Compact. Flexible. Portable 

The DT Atom is a table-top digitization platform that can adapt to nearly any material type. All DT products are modular and the DT Atom is no exception, with most of its adaptability owed to its removable table top.
We call the DT Atom the “building block of digitization.” Simply swap out the standard reflective top for one of our seven accessory tops,  to handle books, loose material, film, glass plates, textiles, maps, and more. Nearly anything in an encyclopedic collection can be scanned on a DT Atom.


More Than A Copy Stand

The DT Versa is a complete digitization platform. The stand, camera, and column seamlessly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization. The Versa allows digitization with or without glass contact.


The Largest Modern Copy Stand

Digitizing large material presents a unique challenge to most typical copy stands. From historical maps and oversized artworks, to textiles and elephant folios, finding a surface to support the subject, as well as getting the entire piece in the image sensor’s field of view, can be a struggle.
With those specific needs in mind, DT has created our largest digitization system – the DT Titan


More Than A Copy Stand

The DT Element is a complete digitization platform. The stand, camera, and column tightly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization.

DT BC100

The World’s Highest Quality Book Scanner

The DT BC100 is our fastest and most powerful book capture system. Designed and built in the USA, the BC100 utilizes two camera systems to nearly double normal digitization output and quality.
Complete with a pneumatic glass platen and optional pneumatic book cradle, and easy to use workflow, the BC100 offers complete protection to the original material.


Industry-Leading Transmissive Material Solution

At over 400 times faster than legacy scanning equipment, the DT Film Scanning Kit (FSK) delivers high-speed, FADGI-4 Star compliant scanning of film at incredible resolution.
Helping reduce both your scanning and post-production time.


Precision Lighting for Heritage Digitization

The DT Photon Mk II is the latest entry in the acclaimed DT Photon lighting system for color-critical applications in cultural heritage, commercial photography, and fine art applications.
The new Mk II version provides identical performance to the original Photon in a smaller, lighter package.
Additionally, a spring-loaded side door allows access to the lighting modifier panel, allowing for quick and easy changes between the fresnel and plexi panels for reflective and transmissive modes, respectively.

Celebrating 20 Years of Digitization Excellence - 2003-2023

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