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Ukraine Digitization Project

Preserving Ukrainian History

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Preserving Ukrainian History


Since February 2022, the world has watched with dismay as the horror of full-scale war has unfolded in Ukraine, causing geopolitical turmoil across Eastern Europe and beyond. In addition to the tragic loss of life and resources, the cultural record of the Ukrainian people has been put at extreme risk, with many artifacts tragically already destroyed or stolen. Digital Transitions is helping to mitigate this damage by partnering with local cultural authorities and institutions to deliver digitization equipment, share expertise, and provide training to digitally capture and preserve Ukraine’s valuable historical record.

In July we completed the first phase of our pro bono commitment to protect the Ukrainian cultural record by delivering a Digital Transitions DT Atom digitization system to the National Reserve – Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and concluding the training for museum staff on its use. The goal of this project is to digitally preserve the irreplaceable icons, engravings, bound materials, and flat art pieces for future generations.

While this was only the first step in a months-long process, this crucial milestone will allow the Lavra to further establish their permanent digital archive of its collection, while the equipment, training and knowledge being shared showcases the dedication of all involved to protect Ukraine’s history from potential destruction.

As this project moves forward, we will provide updates, images, and video of the progress being made and the state of Ukraine’s cultural heritage preservation during this unprecedented time. Download our press releases for the latest details, and check out our Ukraine Project Image Gallery below.


Ukrainian Cultural Foundation Webinar Series

DT is collaborating with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation to present a series of webinars on digitization for cultural heritage to their Ukrainian constituency.

Through these online events, DT and the UCF hope to bring new ideas, techniques, and training to Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage community, providing valuable information, as well as ongoing conversations across physical and linguistic barriers.


Timeline & Topics

  1. Introductory Panel, 9/14/23
  2. Funding Opportunities for Digital Preservation Efforts, 9/19/23
    Watch the full presentation (in English & Ukrainian)
  3. Specifications & Standards for Cultural Heritage Digitization, 9/28/23
    Watch the full presentation (in English & Ukrainian)
  4. Digitization Equipment & Workflows Demonstration, 10/05/23
    Watch the full presentation (in English & Ukrainian)
  5. Concluding panel discussion & Q&A, 10/12/23


Digital Captures from the Lavra with detail insets.

KPL-ZH-975. Icon. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Ukraine, the middle of the 19th century. In the collection of the Reserve in 1930 from the Greek monastery in Kyiv. Wood, oil, 44.5 cm x 30.0 cm. Click to enlarge.

KPL-K-2900. Metal engraving. Holy Great Martyr Barbara. Ukraine, 1776. Engraver Yakiv Konchakov. Metal, engraving, 21.4cm x 17.1 cm. Click to enlarge.

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