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As one of the world’s leading providers of digitization solutions, it is our mission to facilitate the preservation of our collective heritage around the world and promote increased accessibility to heritage assets and awareness of the power of digital history repositories. We use the most advanced imaging technologies and training programs available to help organizations create enduring digital facsimiles.

Since February 2022, we have watched with dismay as the horror of war has unfolded in Ukraine. In addition to the tragic loss of life and resources, the cultural record of the Ukrainian people has been put at unimaginable risk, and unfortunately some aspects of it have already been destroyed or stolen. With this in mind, Digital Transitions has resolved to do its part to help address this damage by partnering with local cultural authorities and institutions to provide digitization equipment, exchange knowledge, and offer training to help the Ukrainian people digitally capture and preserve as much of the historical record as possible.

Given the urgency of the situation and the impending loss of significant cultural heritage, through interaction, coordination, and cooperation with local institutions, we have embarked on a multi-faceted Ukraine Initiative. Through these efforts, we hope to  introduce Digital Transitions as a potential digitization solutions partner to Ukraine and other countries in need by collaborating with domestic and international foundations as well as local institutions. Part of this effort is to provide educational opportunities by sharing knowledge and expertise about digitization through virtual and in-person training based on our vast digitization curriculum.

We also would like to help institution(s) preserve their cultural heritage by providing the digitization equipment and training necessary for them to conduct a well defined collection digitization project. With that directive in mind, we are sending a complete pro bono digitization system, including a Digital Transitions DT Atom system, to The National Reserve – Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra also known as the Kyiv Monastery of the Caves – a historic Eastern Orthodox Christian monastery so that they can begin implementing a short-term collection digitization project. In addition, a DT Heritage representative will conduct a training program for institutional staff on equipment use and workflows in order to establish the digitization pipeline for the remainder of the project to be conducted by Lavra staff. By providing the equipment, training, and the instructions for this digitization project, it is our hope that the skills learned could be used for future projects and preservation goals.

We will be following up closely on the digitization program in Kyiv, and keep you updated on the progress!

If you would like additional information about this important project, or other cultural heritage topics, please contact us HERE.