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A Global Gathering for Cultural Heritage Professionals

Our Cultural Heritage Roundtables began as small, one-off gatherings between Digital Transitions and our clients, as a formal way for us to gather the community’s collective feedback on their experience with our solutions and how we could work to improve them.

Since its inception, the event has grown from a single day at our office to two annual conferences online and in key regions across the United States. Attendees come from a variety of countries, disciplines, and institutions to see the latest digitization technology, learn best practices from experts, discuss workflow tips, and network with other cultural heritage professionals. Whether you work at a gallery, library, archive, museum, corporation, or in media, entertainment, or sports, this event is for you! 

We invite you to join us in-person and online for an event celebrating the latest advancements in digitization technology.

The event will be held in person on the west coast on November 2nd (and also available online if you absolutely can’t join us in person) . There will be morning and afternoon sessions including dedicated time to network. We hope you join us to discuss advancements and practices in our digitization community; we are excited to see you there!

Film Scanning on DT Versa

Why Attend?

Learn from industry-leading institutions and network with Cultural Heritage professionals.





DATE AND TIME: November 2, 2023 9 AM to 5 PM PT, with Happy Hour to follow

LOCATION: To Be Announced, West Coast

Breakfast, lunch, and happy hour will be provided! Happy Hour will follow. We hope you can join us for this portion of the event as well!










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Explore our available trainings, free resources, and hours of content.


DT Knowledge Resources

We aren’t just a commercial entity, we pride ourselves on leading the Cultural Heritage community with resources to learn effective and viable approaches to preserve our history. This is why we have developed free resources for you to learn about the latest in the industry.

Film Scanning Knowledge Center
Digitizing transmissive materials at the highest possible quality can be an intimidating task, so we built this resource to guide you through it. Whether you’re aiming to meet image quality standards like FADGI or just looking to get the most detail out of your personal collection, you’re in the right place. Dive in for hardware and software solutions, project planning tips, handling considerations, video resources, and much more! Click here to browse our resource center.
Recorded Live Events
Explore our YouTube channel for knowledge resources on medium format photography and digital imaging technology. Discover more about the best digital imaging systems in the world, learn why medium format makes all the difference, all from the industry’s leading experts. Click here for more.

Upcoming Events & Trainings

We have a variety of trainings available to suit your needs for digitization. Whether you are looking to improve your post-processing skills in Capture One, learn invaluable techniques for film scanning, or seeking certification as a digitization operator.

Capture One Basics
Digital Transitions offers a variety of courses and classes that cover everything from Advanced Image Adjustment and Advanced Workflow, to operator training in Cultural Heritage settings. As part of this educational series, we’ve created an online, video-based Capture One Basics program that not only covers basic functions and tools, but also touches on software installation, and basic digital camera terminology. Click here to get started.
DT Digitization Certification Program
One of our core missions at DT Cultural Heritage is to be a knowledge resource for the Cultural Heritage digitization community; helping to foster the spread of information and best practices in an industry that too often relies on individuals figuring out techniques and workflows on their own. As part of that ongoing initiative, earlier this year we launched our DT Digitization Certification Training Program to help educate the Cultural Heritage community on the equipmentsoftwareworkflows, and best practices associated with modern digitization. Click here to learn more.