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Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage is proud to release the DTDCH Shutter Integration Solution, which more tightly integrates communication between the DT RCam’s Schneider Electronic Shutter and Capture One CH 8. Better integration means capture technicians can focus more on material handling and assuring the quality of the images.

This free add-on for Capture One CH 8 provides the following improvements:

  • Live View Integration: The Schneider Electronic Shutter on the DT Rcam will open and close automatically as the operator enters and exits live view in Capture One CH 8.
  • Trigger From Live View: “Shoot From Live View” mode allows image capture to be triggered while in Live View
  • Always Ready Capture: Capture can be triggered without Capture One CH in the foreground (for instance if taking notes in another program when you trigger capture) Better Mini Mode: The floating “mini” mode (click the + maximize button in the top left) is more compact and provides access to manually open/close the lens

We have included the files that are necessary for the installation of this solution below. There is a pdf guide that includes step-by-step installation instructions as well as the functionalities of the solution. Since the installation is a little obliquitous, we have also include a video guide to further clarify the process.
Download here