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basICColor Input 6 Pro


basICColor input 6 is the premiere software for creating high quality DCP or ICC profiles for any camera and any illuminant. Whether you’re looking to improve your camera’s rendering of an early morning sunrise or exactly reproduce the pigments in a work of art, basICColor input 6 is the tool to use. It is compatible with all versions of Capture One and with all Digital Transitions / Phase One cameras and digitization systems. It is also the software used in the DT Digitization Guide series whenever in-situ profile creation is called for.

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basICColor input 6 has an improved profiling algorithm over basICColor input 5. basICColor input 6 Pro expands on this and provides the following extra features:
  • Automatic profile optimization to be switched on and off
  • Manual color edits for the 12 most saturated ColorChecker SG and DT Next Generation Target v2 patches
  • Manual grey edits in a 12-step ramp for the CCSG
  • Manual grey edits in a 14-step ramp for the DT NGT v2
  • Supports flat-fielding of the target reference image for uneven lighting scenarios
  • Quality control for FADGI, Metamorfoze, and ISO criteria