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The DT Division of Cultural Heritage is proud to announce that our joint collaboration with PhasCOP-CH-8-logoe One on Capture One CH 8 Edition has come to fruition. Today Phase One has officially released Capture One 8 CH. This endeavor was undertaken to help satisfy the demanding workflow needs of professionals at museums, libraries and other institutions who are at the forefront of cultural heritage preservation.

New Workflow Enhancement Features Include:

  • AutoCrop/Auto Rotate Tool including optional positive or negative margins, user-selectable alignment points for de-skewing, and modes for flat materials, bound materials and fixed crop size.
  • Negative Film Reproduction Tool eases the conversion of black & white and color film, as well as other negative transmissive materials. It provides for automatic inversion, easier automatic adjustments and better control of color rendering. All edits are non-destructive and allow the creation of both a master file of the shown-as-negative capture as well as an inverted-for-viewing derivative.
  • L*A*B* Color Readout for precise analysis of colors and tones on an Object Level Target or Device Level Target. For workflows targeting FADGI 4-Star and Metamorfoze imaging guidelines this will aid in precisely setting the exposure and verifying color accuracy.
  • Focus Meter for fast and precise focusing, tuned to the high quality standards required in Cultural Heritage settings.
  • Ultimate Image Quality for Cultural Heritage Photography
  • Cultural Heritage Workspaces for Capture One CH
  • Cultural Heritage Styles for Capture One CH
  • AppleScript support for Cultural Heritage automation
  • Specialized ICC Profiles for accurate color reproduction


Capture One Auto Crop Capture One Negative Reproduction Tool Capture One Lab Color Readout
Auto Crop / Auto Rotate Negative Film Reproduction L*A*B* Color Readoout


A Word from Peter Siegel, DT Division of Cultural Heritage Director
“The Phase One and Digital Transitions Technology Suite has always been known to produce the highest quality image as fast as the operator can handle materials. The new Capture One CH 8 incorporates a suite of tools designed specifically for the cultural heritage market to enhance workflow and is the most important advancement in Cultural Heritage imaging since the introduction of digital or scanning technologies. Now that the worlds biggest digital back manufacturer has partnered with Digital Transitions to co-develop this suite of tools, this software is a true game changer for any institution looking to convert their holding into digital assets. The automatic cropping and de-skewing technology alone will increase productivity by 100%.”

Beta-Test Results
DT DCH Client, Eric Philcox of DT Heritage, states: “The DT RCam Reprographic Camera along with Phase One Digital Backs have provided DT Heritage with the tools to consistently achieve the high quality results our clients have come to expect from us. DT Heritage was excited to be so involved in the beta process and can truly acknowledge that Capture One 8 CH has brought our post-production to a whole new level of efficiency and quality. We are pleased to see that the Phase One/Digital Transitions partnership has already resulted in more resources dedicated to cultural heritage imaging and look forward to being part of the next endeavor.”

Thank You to All the Beta-Testers
Over the last few months several of our Cultural Heritage Clients have generously provided their time and talent to evaluate and provide feedback on beta version of Capture One CH Edition. This has been absolutely essential to refining the tools and features of this new version of Capture One. We are eager to continue this process of feedback from the community, and welcome your feedback to [email protected] or at any of the many conferences and round tables we will be attending or hosting in 2015 (the first of which is IS&T at The Getty Center in May).


Capture One CH 8 Edition is now available for a trial download. You must download Capture One Pro 8 here AND request a Capture One CH 8 30-day trial license code to test the CH tools.