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Digital Imaging Specialist

Job Description

DT Heritage is seeking an experienced Digital Imaging Specialist to join our team. This role will be responsible for quality control and post-processing digital images from collection material from a number of Los Angeles-area museums, libraries, and archives.



• Production and processing of digital images from collection material for a number of Los Angeles-area museums, libraries, and archives. Using Phase One digital cameras, strobe continuous light, and other imaging equipment.

• Photograph, edit, and implement color and file management standards to digital images, including editing, retouching, color correcting.

• Communicate with DT Heritage’s Project managers about imaging requests, send results for feedback and approval, make adjustments as needed and upload final results to server or HD.

• Use Capture One, Photoshop, and other Adobe Suite applications for image capture and postproduction.

• Additional duties as required


Requirements & Qualifications

• Photography and or Cultural Heritage imaging background preferred

• Knowledge of and experience in high-resolution digital capture

• Knowledge of and expertise in Adobe CC Suite and Capture One

• Knowledge of Mac operating system and associated software and hardware

• Highly organized, self-motivated with the ability to work both supervised and unsupervised

• Great communication skills and ability to work with others

• Previous exposure to, and knowledge of working within museums, libraries, and archives


Other Knowledge Preferred

  • Knowledge of Imaging Standards
  • Experience with Golden Thread Analysis Software
  • Basic knowledge of Collections Management Systems
  • Cultural Heritage Collections Photography
  • Analogue Photographic Processes
  • Capture One Pro & CH Software
  • Phase One iX Systems
  • College Level Photographic skills or equivalent experience
  • Digital Transitions 101 & 201 Courses

Job Type

  • Full Time
  • Hours:  9:00-5:30 PM, Monday to Friday


Apply via LinkedIn or send your resume & cover letter to [email protected].


About DT Heritage

DT Heritage is dedicated to delivering preservation-grade digitization services. We have established a proven track record of successful projects for our clients, from cultural heritage institutions to corporate organizations. DT Heritage deploys state-of-the-art technologies and adaptive workflows to achieve your project’s goals, and seamlessly integrate with your institution’s operations. From works of art and natural history to film and archival documents, our team of imaging experts is equipped to take on the challenges of your collection – no matter how diverse.