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When National Geographic began the daunting task of creating a preservation-quality digital library of their vast and historic archives, they focused on a system that would not only deliver exceptional FADGI-4 image quality, but also create an efficient workflow to adapt to their numerous and varied materials.

With the goal of ensuring the preservation of their material by reducing unnecessary handling, as well as increasing the discoverability for educational and research purposes with robust metadata and online access, NatGeo did a thorough search for not only the right equipment, but also a partner that could support the project with training, expertise, and industry-leading knowledge that went far beyond simply utilizing the gear.

Digital Transitions was brought in to consult on the best strategy for this years-long project, and helped settle on a DT Atom with a Phase One iXG 100MP camera, DT Film Scanning Kit and Capture One CH to create the perfect system and workflow for their team. Through this process it also became clear that DT and NatGeo’s shared interests in the discovery and spreading of knowledge created a unique opportunity to partner on training and events focused on digitization. We held our first Washington DC Cultural Heritage Specialist Training at NatGeo’s headquarters earlier this year, and will be adding more to our events calendar in the near future.

Watch the video below to see DT’s very own Spencer Zidarich and Wayne Cozzolino arrive with NatGeo’s brand new DT Atom for set-up and training, and click the link below to follow the progress of the Digital Preservation Archive project. Thanks to National Geographic for the kind words of appreciation on their site, and congrats on the new system (which they’ve lovingly nicknamed “Adam”)!

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Visit NatGeo’s Digital Preservation Archive (DPA) Project