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Last week we had an incredible turn out for our free Webinar on Cultural Heritage Lighting. We had many people who could not make it ask for a recording and we are happy to release that today in full quality.

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More info on this webinar:

This webinar covers two important areas of lighting for institutions of Cultural Heritage: technical color accuracy, and creative lighting techniques.


In addition to Peter Siegel and Doug Peterson of Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage, we will be joined by Robin Myers of North Light Products and Robin Myers Imaging. Robin is a well-known and well-respected member of the Cultural Heritage community. He is the creator of the Spectrashop and EquaLight software and is now a primary at North Light Products bringing his knowledge of color, spectral analysis, and profiling to the production of next-generation Cultural Heritage Lighting such as the DT Photon.


Finding lighting with good color reproduction is much harder than it sounds. A label like “Daylite balanced” is as meaningless as “low-fat” labels on food, and two 6500k lights can differ greatly in their color accuracy. Even CRI, held up by many as an absolute, is prone to being cheated and may not tell the full story. Fortunately there are metrics and tests that can provide insight as to whether a given light is a good illuminant for Cultural Heritage imaging. By the end of this presentation you’ll have the theoretical knowledge and practical steps to evaluate your current lighting and allow a more skeptical and evidence-based view of the lighting you might consider in the future. Topics include color temperature, CRI, CQS, spectral analysis, FADGI compliance, proofing, and metamerism and span both basic and advanced topics.


Most Cultural Heritage imaging is done with proscriptive lighting; flat, even, and set by the numbers. But there are times where descriptive lighting is appropriate. Creative lighting can accentuate, uncover, or hide aspects of the physical object, providing increased visual appeal, enhanced research value, or increased accessibility. We’ll cover specific techniques such as raking light for enhancement of texture as well as some more general topics like hard vs soft lighting.

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