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april, 2020

23apr2:30 pmFeaturedProject Lemonade: Color Science, Measurement & ReproductionOnline | April 23

Event Details

We’d like to encourage our friends and family to join us in making the best use of our time while we’re practicing social distancing by investing in ourselves. Our way of facilitating that is to launch “Project Lemonade” – an ongoing series of informative and (hopefully) entertaining webinars that you’ll be able to join remotely. There will be a variety of topics, from hardware tips & software tutorials, to project workflows and digitization case studies, making this a perfect way to spend an idle hour or two, while simultaneously adding to your knowledge and understanding of photography.

Photographers and digitization technicians are often tasked with tackling nuanced and complex color workflow issues without ever having received a formal education in color science. Just as we wouldn’t want doctors prescribing medications without understanding the science of the human body, or auto mechanics fixing cars without understanding how a combustion engine generates energy, we want to make sure you understand the fundamental science of color, so that you can not just fix problems, but understand why they arise in the first place.
Join us for this webinar that will focus on that underlying science of color, giving you the theoretical framework that can help inform your practical troubleshooting and workflows.

Topics of the webinar will include:

  • The fundamental nature of color
  • Spectral vs RGB / LAB representations of color
  • LAB vs RGB representations of color
  • Measuring an object’s color with a spectrophotometer
This presentation is not intended to be a step-by-step walkthrough of how to perfectly reproduce color (for that, see our webinar on color profiling), but rather aims to help you better understand the nature of the problems inherent in color reproduction. As an introductory-level presentation, no previous experience or education in color science is required. But we’re going to dive deep and get nerdy, so make sure you’ve had a cup of coffee and some brain food when you join!

Featuring: Dave Wyble | Avian Rochester, LLC

David R. Wyble is president and founder of Avian Rochester, LLC. Since 2011, Avian Rochester has delivered color standards, traditional and custom measurements, and consulting services to the color industry. He holds a BS in Computer Science and MS and PhD degrees in Color Science from RIT and Chiba University, respectively.




Can’t make the scheduled time? No worries! If you’d still like to see the information go ahead and register for the webinar and you’ll receive an automated email from our webinar service with a replay link. If you don’t receive this email, check your spam, then contact us for help.


Disclaimer: During these challenging times many companies are switching to online options for business and leisure. The increased demand in web services may cause technical issues which can display as errors in audio and visual quality. We’ve tested our hardware and are doing our very best to provide you with the highest quality webinar experience. On your end, you can help improve audio visual quality of the live stream by hardwiring your system with an ethernet cable to a router or using high speed wifi.


(Thursday) 2:30 pm