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The Importance of Proper Alignment

Precise alignment of the camera to the subject is extremely important in an Art Reproduction and Cultural Heritage Digitization environment. The DT AutoColumn itself addressed many of these issues by providing a droop-free arm design (previous columns DT used, and all competitive camera stands, come out of alignment when you extend/retract their arm or, in some cases, even if you unlock their arm) and by providing rigid build-quality that would hold proper alignment over time.

But while DT systems have always provided rigid, repeatable, and precise alignment the method we used to calibrate that alignment required tedious adjustment of set screws behind the camera. In addition, with the introduction of the DT V-Cradle our users are frequently switching between straight-down and angled-in, and our previous method for doing so required checking and fine-tuning the alignment after each such change.

The new DT AutoColumn Advanced Leveling Head makes leveling fast, precise, and persistent, and makes switching between flat materials and bound materials (with the DT V-Cradle) a breeze. It is compatible with all DT AutoColumn systems including the DT Atom, DT Element, DT Versa, and DT Titan and can be installed by the user.


Precision Leveling: Easily accessible from the front, even with the camera mounted, the three-axis adjustment allows the camera to be perfectly leveled to the working surface.
Built-In Dovetail Receiver: All modern DT systems feature a dovetail, so the camera can mount directly into the Advanced Leveling Head. There is even a center tick for perfect centering the camera on the stand.
V-Cradle Mode: Simply release the lock and lower the camera to scan books with the DT V-Cradle. There are hard stops at both angles, so you won’t need to search for the right angle.
Rubber Grip: DT Dovetails don’t actually need to be locked very tight to hold the camera securely, but given the high value of material underneath the camera users will appreciate the grippiness of the locking mechanism, which makes tightening that much easier.