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The IXG 100MP Camera is no longer available refurbished. Please contact us at [email protected] for current pricing.

We’re excited to announce that through the end of June, we will be offering a DT Atom/iXG 100MP Bundle that includes a DT Atom with a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Phase One iXG 100MP Cultural Heritage Solution for just $60,000! The system originally retailed for over $85,000, so you’ll be saving over $25,000 on the total system! Don’t miss this opportunity to supercharge your digitization program with an easy to use, rapid capture system that offers FADGI 4-Star quality. Read on for details, and to contact us for more information!

Over the past five years, the DT Atom digitization workstation has earned its reputation globally as the industry standard in versatile preservation-grade imaging across all material types — from flat art and manuscripts, to bound material, to film and transmissive media, and even 3D objects. Finding its way into world-renowned galleries, libraries, archives, and museums around the world, the DT Atom, when paired with the iXG 100MP cultural heritage camera offers the ultimate, automated, turnkey imaging solution, without compromising on image quality or object handling safety. With powerful features like TruePPI, modular tabletops for handling complex material types, and complete remote control through Capture One Cultural Heritage, the system is incredibly powerful, but user-friendly and accessible to cultural heritage workers of all skill levels.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

For $60,000, the bundle includes:

    • DT Atom with Reflective Top with DT AutoColumn
    • DT Photon 19″ LED Lights
    • DT Photon SmartController
    • iXG 100MP Cultural Heritage Camera System (CPO)
    • Schneider 72mm Reprographic Lens for iXG (CPO)
    • 1 Seat License of Capture One 20 Cultural Heritage Edition
    • Cables, connections, and other accessories
    • 1 Year Warranty for all system components
    • Installation, training, and full technical support

We also have great deals on system accessories. For more information, fill out the form below, or contact us at [email protected]!


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