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We were recently tasked with digitizing and preserving a special collection in partnership with the Mennello Museum in Orlando, Florida. The Mennello Museum holds the Melanson Holt Collection, displaying the works of a variety of artists, including indigenous artists, portraying the American southwest.

This American Paintings collection illuminates the land and people of the American southwest, “document the awe-inspiring desert light, remote lands, and extraordinary way of life in the changing American Southwest through their inventive forms of printmaking and painting alike” (Mennellomuseum.org).

Through the power of Phase One, we were able to bring this collection to life with the advanced Phase One iXH Cultural Heritage camera. Our founder and CEO, Eric Philcox, documented the entire experience to share with the Cultural Heritage community.

The American Paintings from the Melanson Collection will be displayed at the Mennello Museum of American Art beginning Jan 22nd, 2021. Learn more about the upcoming exhibition here.

Thank you to our event partners Digital Transitions Cultural Heritage and Phase One Industrial.

This webinar took place on Tuesday, September 29th. We take you through the project and why the Phase One iXH is the ultimate solution for this job in the replay below.