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Welcome to the DT Digitization Certification 301: Characterization and Evaluation

Custom ICC profiles are one of the most complex processes that we come across in Heritage Imaging. It is very important to understand the complete process, why we are creating these profiles, and how we know the profiles are accurate, before baking them into an existing high quality production workflow. It’s also a process prone to false-confidence; dropping a target into a profiling software may well decrease your system’s color accuracy.

In this section, I will advise on best practices for an entire end to end workflow for using a RGB  camera to digitize color materials. System preflight, capture, processing and evaluation will all be touched upon. This course will heavily feature Capture One, BasICColor and Golden Threads software, along with the Golden Thread and DT NGTv2 color targets. This target and software methodology is the most widely used in digitization programs. There are other approaches, which are less common but have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Multispectral systems such as the DT Atom Rainbow can use 15 narrow bands of the visible spectrum to more fully capture the underlying spectral characteristics of a material. 

I look forward to helping demystify ICC profiles, and helping you maximize the potential of your imaging equipment.

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All videos were recorded in English. We hope to offer additional captioning to our global audience in the near future.

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