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One of our core missions at DT Heritage is to be a knowledge resource for the Cultural Heritage digitization community, helping to foster the spread of information and best practices in an industry that too often relies on individuals figuring out techniques and workflows on their own. As part of that ongoing initiative, earlier this year we launched our DT Digitization Certification Training Program to help educate the Cultural Heritage community on the equipment, software, workflows, and best practices associated with modern digitization.

Currently we have two courses available—DTDC 101: Intro to Modern Digitization and DTDC 201: Operator Training—and are happy to announce the first group of graduates from this series of classes and congratulate them for receiving their DTDC 101 and DTDC 201 certifications.

Our DT Digitization Certification Graduates Page lists the names of everyone that has passed our courses to create a public record of their achievement. We’re extremely honored and proud to have had them in our classes, and we wish them the best of luck as they continue in their career.

Later this year we’ll be introducing our more advanced—and material specific—301-level courses, so keep an eye on our events calendar for future update.

For Information on the DT Digitization Certification Course Schedule, Contact Us Below