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Digitization has undergone a rapid and profound transformation in the past two decades. Legacy systems built on scanning have been replaced with modern instant capture systems. Direct-to-TIFF workflows are being replaced by raw workflows. Institutions are adopting FADGI and other guidelines that ensure digitization is done at preservation-grade quality, requiring a more nuanced understanding of image quality than relying on manufacturer’s stated PPI. Fully reaping the rewards of this transformation requires new hardware, software, and workflows, as well as a new approach to digitization’s position in an institutional context.

Using our unique position as a hardware manufacturer, software distributor, and industry leader in sharing the latest digitization knowledge and best-practices, we’ve created an all-new training curriculum for professionals tasked with digitizing all manner of material, in a variety of situations.

This year we’re rolling out the first two courses in this curriculum; Digitization 101 – “Intro to Modern Digitization” and Digitization 201 – “Operator Training.” Successfully completing each course will earn graduates an official certification outlining the skills they have mastered in the course and a listing on our DTDC Graduate page, ensuring that they are recognized in the community as an expert in the latest digitization practices.j

Digitization 101 – “Intro to Modern Digitization”

This first course is strictly online, and is available to anyone wishing to expand their general knowledge of modern digitization workflows. In this class we’ll take the 10,000 foot view of digitization practices to form a foundation of the modern approach to digitization, covering the equipment, software, terminology, and types of material that one is likely to encounter in a contemporary digitization environment. This class ends with your certification. No test is required. This course is a prerequisite to our 201 class.

NOTE: Our Online 101 class is in the final testing stages, and we plan to have it ready for participants by the end of May. We will formally announce the 101 class when it is ready and live online, but our 201 class registrants will be the first notified since this class is a prerequisite for our 201 class. For any additional questions, please contact us.

Digitization 201 – “Operator Training”

This 201 course is an in-person, in-depth, 2-day class that dives into the latest techniques and best-practices involved in modern digitization. This course covers routine workflows for camera-based digitization systems, from capture to post-processing. It covers topics like setting exposure, establishing focus, and establishing even field illumination, as well as topics like file organization, batch editing, and batch processing. Also included are basic standards-compliance theory and image-quality evaluation, including Golden Thread and OpenDice. Students will emerge ready to be operators of modern digitization systems for most standard material and object types. The 201 class ends with a test, and upon passing this test, you will receive your 201 certification.

We’re excited to be holding our first DTDC 201 Class at the National Geographic Facility in Washington D.C. in June, right before this year’s ALA Conference.

It has long been a goal of ours to make digitization concepts and techniques more accessible and widespread in an industry that is all too often missing clear guidelines for the best way to achieve quality results, so we’re very excited to launch be launching this new program.

Click here to learn more, and to sign up for our inaugural class this June.

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