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Capture One 11 CH was released announced, making it a good time to review the progress we’ve made with Capture One 10 CH and to hint at what’s coming next. You can read about the new features in Capture One 11 on our commercial photography site.

Capture One 10 CH was released in December 2016 and during the course of the year it brought:

  1. Support for the Phase One iXG 100mp
  2. Support for the Phase One iXG 50mp
  3. Support for the Phase One iXG 100mp Achromatic
  4. Lens corrections for the Schneider 72mm Digitar
  5. Lens corrections for the Schneider 120mm Digitar ASPH
  6. Precision autofocus for the iXG
  7. Remote control for the DT AutoColumn and AutoColumn XL
  8. AutoPPI for the DT AutoColumn and AutoColumn XL 
  9. Roll Film Scanning mode for AutoCrop
  10. DT CropControl

As with past versions, the initial X.0 release of Capture One 11 does not feature any new Cultural Heritage specific features. But we are hard at work on some big improvements we expect to roll out in 2018 in later versions of Capture One 11 CH. We are working to reinvent the Cultural Heritage capture workflow to emphasize speed, simplicity, and productivity without budging an inch on image quality and conservation friendly material handling. Do you have ideas for how we can improve Capture One CH? Email them to our Head of R+D and Product Management Doug Peterson.

For now, for most Capture One 10 CH users we recommend holding off on upgrading to Capture One 11 CH until our new CH features are in place which justify the upgrade price. However, if you have budget that must be spent by a certain date, or have other factors that would encourage you to make the upgrade now rather than later this year, then please contact your CH salesperson or [email protected] to upgrade.