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One of the jobs I do with Digital Transitions is install RG3040 and RGC180’s. I take pride in setting up a system impeccably and leaving our clients ready to get to work. Like all of us at DTDCH, I’m always looking ways to improve our services and products in big and small ways. With that in mind, I recently took a fresh look at one of the last steps of an installation: cable management. We’ve used various combinations of Velcro and zip ties to neaten all the cables and prevent them from getting in the way of day-to-day operations. The fact is, I like zip ties and think Velcro is one of science’s great contributions to humanity and continue to use them where appropriate, but I thought we could improve the look and experience of our systems with some new materials. My goal was to establish a versatile and easily installed and reconfigured suite of materials to secure and organize the cables and power cords necessary to integrate and control the camera. After some time spent trying out a variety of alternate methods and products I found what I was looking for.

I wrap the main bundle of cables from the digital back and shutter control in an elegant woven sleeve that is easy to install and stays in place in normal use and yet allows individual cables to be removed and replaced if needed without removing the entire sleeve. It has the added benefit that the visual effect is cleaner and more streamlined than that of all the individual cables bundled with ties. 
Another aspect of the solution deals with loose cables within the frame and on the floor. The cords from the transformers powering the shutter and column as well as the light sources can clutter the floor behind the bench. Velcro is a great solution here, but I found an alternate method that I prefer in many cases. I’m using plastic tubes of several diameters to keep the coiled excess slack neatly organized; yet lengths are easily adjusted if needed.

My colleagues and I have now used this solution on several new installations and we and our clients have been very happy with the results. The new products will be included with new installations and if you are interested in adding them to your existing setup, contact your DTDCH representative.

Photographs by James Conkle