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The Getty Center in Los Angeles is a campus of the Getty Museum and the Getty Research Institute. The facility sits atop a picturesque hillside near Brentwood, with views reaching from Downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean. The Getty Center is both a campus for academic research and a destination for tourists coming to see their exhibitions and access their collections.

The Getty has thousands of rare books and culturally significant books that must be digitized. This blog post, published on August 17 on The Getty’s “Behind the Scenes” blog called The Iris gives a first hand account of a day in the life of a CH photographer.

This blog post really emphasis the human element of being a CH photographer on daily basis. As the blog shows, the primary workflow is a Phase One back and a DTRCam, mounted on a Digital Transitions digitizing platform, and processed in Capture One CH software.

From a user perspective using a Digital Transitions DTRG3040, DTRCam and Phase One Digital Back, with its instant capture, is orders of magnitude faster and more efficient than using a legacy scan back. This technology allows photographers such as Holly to create hundreds of pictures per day rather than “a dozen or so” possible just a couple of years ago. And, with 80MP Phase One backs, it’s truly preservation grade.