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We’re excited to reveal that Phase One has announced their latest Cultural Heritage camera system – the iXG 150!

DT Heritage systems represent a new kind of digitization hardware. They meld the speed and quality of modern instant-capture digitization with the simplicity and purpose-built nature of a traditional scanner. A key component of providing such solutions is the “camera” used for image capture. The Phase One iXG camera line is the first professional camera in the world to be built explicitly for use in cultural heritage digitization. Since launching in 2017, the iXG system has been updated (for free) with new features, improved functionality, and increased accuracy. Now we are pleased to reveal the next giant step in the evolution of the iXG platform: the Phase One iXG 150mp.

The iXG 150MP provides higher resolution, faster operation, improved connectivity and a more versatile sensor-based shutter. It integrates natively with Capture One CH Edition for complete remote control, including one-click AutoPPI (when used with a DT bench featuring a DT AutoColumn), and generates FADGI 4-star and ISO 19264 compliant standards-based preservation digital objects that can be batch processed including automatic cropping and automatic deskewing.

Here are just a few of the significant improvements the iXG 150mp provides over the already-industry-leading iXG 50mp and iXG 100mp:

  • 150mp capture (14204px by 10652px) for larger fields of view (e.g. A0 at 300ppi), higher PPI (e.g. up 6600 ppi), or for capturing multiple objects at once for increased productivity
  • USB-C and Ethernet for faster capture and transfer, and easier cable management (ethernet allows up to 300ft cable runs)
  • BSI sensor for higher quality pixels with lower noise and more accurate color
  • Compatible with the Phase One Infinity Platform (link) with 10 times the internal processing power, providing fertile ground for future (free) firmware upgrades

The new iXG 150mp fully embraces it’s purpose-built design by eschewing a rear LCD in exchange for better performance in Cultural Heritage applications.

Interested to evaluate the iXG 150mp at your institution? Curious to talk to other institutions already using DT systems that include an iXG? Contact us to get started evaluating the future of digitization.

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