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Many in the Gallery, Library, Archives and Museum (GLAM) community know Digital Transitions Cultural Heritage for building the most advanced and high-quality digitization solutions available, as well as leading the way in sharing the latest digitization techniques, knowledge, educational programs, and expertise with our community.

We have long provided the best equipment and training available to GLAM institutions that were equipped to operate their own internal digitization departments, but we recognize that that isn’t always the optimal solution for institutions whose size, collection types, and organizational make-up don’t demand a full-time digitization program, and who would instead benefit from a service bureau coming in as-needed and digitizing their collection for them.

With that in mind that we’re proud to announce the acquisition of DT’s new digitization service division: DT Heritage.

Those familiar with DT Heritage already know their exceptional reputation for providing the finest quality, efficiency, and flexibility when working with your institution’s unique processes and organization.

For those that haven’t yet worked with Pixel, they have a long history of serving the same top-tier clients as DT (The Getty, The Smithsonian, and The National Archives to name a few), that not only demand the highest image quality possible, but also a partner that’s willing to engineer unique solutions for difficult and complex collections.

DT Heritage is committed to providing a level of service that goes beyond a client/vendor relationship, and instead becomes a partner, aligning perfectly with DT’s long-held values — that delivery of the best product and service is paramount. Our desire to provide the best experience possible to our customers remains the same.

We’re excited to be able to offer digitization services to our GLAM community (utilizing DT’s industry-leading equipment, of course), and look forward to helping you with your collections in the future. To learn more about what DT Heritage can do for you, as well as see samples of their work, contact us.