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All of us at DTDCH want to welcome you to the new face of DTDCH.com. We are excited to give you an improved format to present our ideas and products better to you. We wanted to run through the top 4 new features that you can experience now on this site:

1. Updated Product Pages

This was an essential core of our redesign and where we started first. We want to bring the Cultural Heritage community more detailed information in a sleeker package, while emulating the same philosophy we use when designing our systems and solutions.

You will now find larger images, greater details, better readability & more in-use examples. See our full product catalog here.

More info & Examples

More information, imagery & examples.


2. High Resolution Gallery

As imagery is at the core of our ideas & business, we felt it was important to showcase it using the latest tools in web design. Visit our expanded gallery of high resolution Cultural Heritage digital assets to see just a fraction of the quality our system produce. Each gallery is created in HTML5 to give you fast load times, even on mobile devices. See our new high resolution galleries here.

High Res Morgan Library

Our High Resolution Galleries

3. Store

One of the additions we are most enthusiastic about is our new online store! You can now buy DTDCH products and accessories right at DTDCH.com. Click here to see all of our quality assurance targets, accessories and unique products.

The new DTDCH Store

The new DTDCH Store


4. Mobile

Last but not least is my personal favorite feature: DTDCH.com is now fully mobile compatible! Browse our webiste easily with any device.


DTDCH is finally mobile!

We are excited for you to start using our new site and hope that you find it both interesting and informative! If you see something out of place or have any comments, please reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.