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In a symphony of diverse perspectives and innovative insights, our recent event on the digitization of cultural heritage material brought together a stellar lineup of speakers, each contributing a unique thread to the rich tapestry of preserving our shared history. We’ve pulled some of the most compelling highlights that unfolded during this event that put a spotlight on our esteemed speakers and the amazing knowledge they each contributed to make this year’s roundtable a success.

And if you enjoy these highlights, be sure to visit the 2023 Roundtable videos page on our website to view each speaker’s entire presentation.

Ben Heath, University of Western Australia:
“De-risking the process of Cultural Heritage Digitisation – Providing a centralized center for Western Australia”

Embark on a journey to Western Australia with Ben Heath as he shares insights on de-risking the cultural heritage digitization process, and the significance of a centralized center in safeguarding the region’s diverse and unique cultural tapestry.

Lauren Gaylord, Pixar:
“Archives in the Spotlight: Supporting Documentaries Through Research, Digitization, and More”

Get a peak behind the scenes of two Pixar documentary films with Lauren Gaylord as she sheds light on the pivotal role the Pixar archives played in bringing these compelling stories to life.

Julie McVey & Sara Manco, National Geographic Society:
“Managing the Chaos: National Geographic Society’s Special Collections Team’s Grant Project”

Explore the chaos and creativity that collide in the efforts to manage special collections, as Julie McVey and Sara Manco take you on a journey through the National Geographic Society’s grant project. Uncover the strategies employed to curate and preserve a treasure trove of cultural gems.

Christine Huhn, University of California, Berkeley & Astrid Smith, Stanford University:
“The Nitty-gritty and Not-so-pretty: Imaging Decisions in Cultural Heritage Digitization”

Christine Huhn and Astrid Smith bring you face-to-face with the intricacies and challenges of cultural heritage digitization. Navigate the decision-making process behind imaging, where every detail matters in capturing the essence of our heritage, even the not-so-pretty aspects.

Don Ross & Tenari Tuatagaloa, SF Museum of Modern Art:
“Cool / Cold Storage & Digitizing Color Photography at SFMOMA”

Delve into the world of art preservation as Don Ross and Tenari Tuatagaloa share their experience utilizing a “cool/cold” storage facility for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s incredible collection.

Doug Peterson, Digital Transitions:
“The Latest DT R+D Updates & Announcements”

Get the inside scoop on the latest updates and announcements from DT R+D, pushing the advancements that are shaping the future of digitizing and preserving our collective history.

Iryna Martyniuk, The Lavra Ukraine:
“Saved for Eternity. Sights of Ukraine in the Conditions of War”

Iryna Martyniuk’s presentation transcends time and circumstance, exploring the resilience of Ukraine’s cultural heritage in the face of war. Discover how digitization becomes a powerful tool for safeguarding the beauty and significance of a nation’s history – even in the most challenging conditions.

We hope you enjoy these highlights and appreciate the fantastic work our speakers did in presenting their own unique challenges, techniques, anecdotes, and humor. The full presentation videos are now on our website for free, so please spend some time enjoying them. And as always, please reach out to our team if you have any questions related to your own digitization needs and plans.