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Navigating the Film Scanning Landscape with Digital Transitions

Embarking on the journey of digitizing transmissive materials at the highest quality can be a challenging endeavor. Whether you’re striving to meet stringent image quality standards like FADGI or simply aiming to extract the utmost detail from your personal collection, our Film Scanning Knowledge Center serves as your compass in this complex terrain.

Unveiling the Challenges of Film Preservation

Film digitization, a multifaceted process, is not without its hurdles. Before delving into the innovative solutions we can offer, it’s crucial to understand the challenges at hand.

Conservation Handling: Transmissive materials demand delicate handling, becoming increasingly fragile with age. From dust to fingerprints and scratches, each step requires precision and care.

Production Speed: Film collections often span vast quantities, necessitating a delicate balance between safety, image quality, and production speed. Modern digitization platforms must seamlessly integrate instant capture technology and automation to optimize efficiency.

Quality and Flexibility: Achieving consistent image quality across diverse film formats and emulsion types presents a unique challenge. Legacy scanners fall short, emphasizing the need for modern digitization platforms to meet and exceed FADGI 4 Star standards across all film formats.


Digital Transitions’ Pantheon of Solutions

Digital Transitions offers a pantheon of preservation-grade hardware solutions and accessories each catering to specific needs.

Film Scanning Hardware Solutions:

  • DT iXH 150MP: A purpose-built camera designed for Cultural Heritage digitization, surpassing FADGI 4 Star image quality specifications.
  • DT RCam-X: A versatile reproduction camera delivering high resolution for various film types.
  • DT Atom: The epitome of versatility, excelling in scanning transmissive material and fully configurable for any material type.
  • DT Photon:  Preservation-grade lighting designed for Cultural Heritage imaging and color reproduction.

Film Scanning System Accessories: 

  • DT Reel Film Top: The DT Reel Film Top allows DT Atom users to scan a variety of reel film ranging in size from microfilm (smaller than 35mm) to large-format aerial film.
  • DT Film Scanning Kit: At over 400 times faster than legacy scanning equipment, the DT Film Scanning Kit (FSK) delivers high-speed, FADGI-4 Star compliant scanning of film at incredible resolution,  helping reduce both your scanning and post-production time.

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