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The University of Pennsylvania has almost completed its three-year project to digitize over 160,000 pages of leather-bound rare books, illuminated manuscript, and medieval artworks. Known as BiblioPhilly, these documents were made available by 15 Philadelphia-area institutions in an effort allow the world to see what has for centuries been visible to relatively few.

With the digitization process done on a Digital Transitions DT RG3040 using an 80 Megapixel digital back by Phase One, not only are the documents now available for perusal by the public without fear of deterioration or damage, but the astounding quality provided by the DT Copy Stand means that viewers can zoom in to marvel at the painstaking work done by artisans centuries ago. From hand-applied ink lettering to individual brush strokes, the level of detail seen in these images will provide insight and enjoyment to professional and amateur historians for generations.

Read the full article here: https://penntoday.upenn.edu/news/penn-brings-philadelphias-rare-manuscripts-world