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Please note: The FADGI 19264 target requires GoldenThread NXT software to analyze, and is available bundled with the software.
  • If you do not have any version of GoldenThread software, purchase this bundle for the latest version of GoldenThread NXT, the FADGI 19264 target, and one object-level target
  • If you already have a previous version of GoldenThread software purchase this discounted bundle to upgrade to the latest version of GoldenThread NXT and the FADGI 19264 target
  • If you already have GoldenThread NXT software and would just like to purchase the target click here

We’re pleased to share that the FADGI 19264 target from ISA is now available for purchase. Announced at the DT Spring Round Table earlier this year, the FADGI 19264 target is a huge upgrade from the previous generation GoldenThread/DICE Device Level Target, incorporating a whole host of new features aimed at expanding conformance to standards and increasing overall efficiency.

Key features include:

Features for ISO 19264 standard conformance evaluation

The ISO 19264 standard, newer than FADGI or Metamorfoze, requires the evaluation of additional metrics not outlined in older standards. These include:

  • True linear L* scale and continuous gradient
  • Fiducials for geometric distortion characterization
  • Neutral strips for banding evaluation

168 heritage-specific color patches, suitable for generating ICC profiles

The target contains 168 unique (no duplicates) color patches suitable for creating ICC color profiles. The patches were selected with Cultural Heritage content in mind, heavily weighted towards 70-90 degree hue angle colours (vellums, parchments, sepia tones, near neutrals). Other standard patches include:

  • Munsell Colors – 16 Gloss grayscale patches and
  • 18 matte ColorChecker Classic chroma legacy patches
  • NCS colors – Semi-gloss with highly populated
  • Parchment color content (+a*, +b* region)

Custom patches can be produced on request as well. For more information on customization, please email us at [email protected].


Serialized individual spectrophotometric measurements

Each target is hand-measured before leaving the factory, and the data is automatically encoded in GoldenThread software and referenced with a unique, auto-detected QR code on each target.

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