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DT Stellar

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Digital Transitions is pleased to announce the successor to its groundbreaking DT Photon line of heritage digitization lighting systems – the DT Stellar!

Newly designed from the ground up, the DT Stellar raises the already-high bar DT set for color quality, productivity, material safety, ergonomics, durability, and modularity for those running FADGI or ISO compliant digitization programs.



Stable, Easy & Built for High Volume

The DT Stellar is designed for high-volume workflows. It is color-stable less than 10 seconds after powering on, and the sophisticated active cooling system ensures consistent color temperature and brightness regardless of how long a Stellar is running.

Every DT Stellar is self-contained for added flexibility and mobility; no external control box is required, and the power adapter is built in, greatly simplifying the cabling and operation of your system.