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The DT RCam is built from the ground up with the highest quality components for today’s modern digital backs. This high quality construction ensures durability, precision and quality – all a must for this industry.

Thank you for your interest in the DT RCam. Since the creation of this page, the DT RCam has been replace by the DT RCam-X. Read more about the RCam-X here.


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The Strongest Camera. Ever.

The DT RCam is a versatile reproduction camera designed to work with a wide variety of digital backs to make certain you can utilize the best back for each particular project. Many other reprographic cameras are difficult to align and keep aligned, hard to set up, and are limited by the lenses, shutter systems, software, and digital backs they support.
The DT RCam is the only reprographic camera on the market that addresses all of these concerns and is truly a superior product that is rated and warranted for 1 million captures.


With optional accessories like extension tubes, lens and filter holders the RCam is truly a versatile reprographic camera. These accessories allow for close macro work, film scanning and multiple spectrum photography among others.

Features & Benefits

  • Built to 0.005″ tolerances to ensure image and focal plane are in perfect alignment
  • Extremely accurate purpose-made helical focusing system. Does not slip even when unlocked.
  • Optional lock to prevent accidental changes
  • Compatible with a wide variety of digital backs
  • Built with the industry’s leading components
  • Accepts mechanical shutters or electronic shutter lenses
  • Ability to stitch images together for maximum resolution
  • Perfect integration with the DT RG3040 Reprographic System
  • Easy 90° rotation for orienting the sensor left-right or fore-aft on the working surface


Materials: Aircraft grade aluminum with a black anodized finish
Camera: Focusing mount with 20mm of travel DT RCam
Body: 6″ Diameter 6.25″ across at the lens board knobs 3.05″ High
Weight: 4 lbs 15.5 oz

  • Extension tubes for close-up photography
  • Digital Back Adapters
  • Tripod Collar (to adapt DT RCam to studio tripod)


We make all of our copy stand & cameras
here in in the USA out of the strongest and
lightest Aircraft grade aluminum.


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