Mass Digitization at the Smithsonian – 30,000 Bees in 32 Days | DT Heritage
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The Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History has the 2nd largest entomological collection in the world with approximately 34 million specimens representing over 60% of known insect families. When the time came to digitize a subset of this collection containing over 30,000 individual bees, speed, accuracy and efficiency were all critical factors, making DT Heritage’s experienced and technically advanced staff an ideal partner.

This video from the Smithsonian highlights some of the amazing work done, including the ability to digitize over 30,000 specimens in 32 days (at an average rate of one specimen every 30 seconds). Click below to watch this 1-minute clip, and see the collection online at

For a more detailed look at some of the unique challenges and solutions our team provided, be sure to read our article on the technology DT Heritage created to achieve these incredible results.