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New Firmware Update Available

Phase One has released new firmware updates for the iXG and iXH reprographic camera systems. These updates optimize the autofocus system, maintaining the extremely precise sensitivity of the platform’s focus motors while improving acquisition speed across the board. It also ensures quiet operation on the iXH when focusing on heavier lenses and extension tube combinations.

The most current firmware versions are now:

  • iXG — 3.11.4
  • iXH — 1.02.1


This firmware update is not critical to iXG or iXH operability, so we strongly recommend allowing our support team to guide you through the firmware update process to minimize the possibility of technical issues arising as a result of the update. They can be reached Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM ET at [email protected] or by phone at 212-529-6825 option 4 for assistance updating your camera firmware!

If you choose to download and update your firmware on your own, the packages and installation instructions are available immediately here