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Digital Transitions announced the availability of the DT Ring, an orbital camera mount for its DT Phase One iXG and iXH cameras that aids greatly in precise photogrammetry. The DT Ring extends the utility of iXG and iXH cameras, making photogrammetry faster and more accurate, thus allowing museums, libraries and archives that are digitizing their collections to create more accurate and photo realistic models.

“The DT Ring is ideal for distortion mapping in photogrammetry,” said Doug Peterson, co-owner and head of Digital Transitions’ DT Heritage R&D department. “It has been designed to create significant time gains and improve accuracy while reducing the need to remap distortion due to misaligned images and other errors.” 

The DT Ring is an orbital camera mount that allows the camera to fully rotate on its optical axis. Dual support arms ensure secure and repeatable movement for rapid distortion mapping. With the DT Ring, users can rotate the camera around the center of the sensor with 15-degree and 45-degree detents for repeatability. When used on a column, the apparatus moves the camera approximately 3 inches higher. 

These features enable rapid and precise rotation of the camera, which ensures precise lens calibration for photogrammetry and prevents moire when digitizing halftone patterns. And the ability to raise the camera position on the column provides a larger field of view on a given-size column during general digitization.

In a typical scenario, the DT Ring and subject remain stationary while the camera rotates within the DT Ring. The position of the camera to the object remains constant, but the DT Ring rotates the orientation of the camera around its optical center. Other camera mounts allow for leveling within a few degrees or a fixed 90º rotation between landscape and portrait, but they do not ensure the center is maintained.The DT Ring is unique in that it allows the camera to maintain the same center through 360 degrees of rotation. This feat is possible because the DT Ring is specifically built for the iXG and iXH cameras. Mounting brackets that fit the iXG/iXH chassis brace the camera on both sides at once for maximum stability and security.

The DT Ring can mount to any camera stand or tripod with a dovetail mount. It is compatible with the DT AutoColumn or any Arca Swiss-style dovetail mount. 

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