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Here is a great statement from Joseph Rheaume, the Digital Projects Coordinator, over at the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona. They are using our film scanning solutions to capture film at amazing speeds.

“At the Center for Creative Photography here in Tucson, AZ at the University of Arizona we have had great experiences using the new Advanced Film Positioning Kit (with holders) from DTDCH. We have used it to digitize all kind of film originals including 35mm, various medium format sizes, 31/4X41/4, 4X5, & 8X10. Most recently we have been digitizing 1000’s of 35mm slides from our extensive Exhibition Archive dating back to 1975. The most difficult variable we have dealt with is focus or rather setting the optimal focus, but once we get it (few min.) the results are phenomenal, we are able to create some of the sharpest captures from 35mm that I have ever seen. I believe this is due mostly to the Schneider optics employed by the DTDCH solution and the 80MP Phase One back. When digitizing 35mm film we also employ the DT FPS Advanced Slide Film Carrier, this carrier helps us in the placement of the frames in the exact location for capture, as a result we are realizing an unbelievable throughput and our productivity has increased tremendously. At one point we were able to digitize at a rate of 350 – 400 frames per hour (that is really moving fast).

We have also used the system to digitize medium and large format B&W film originals from all of your favorite photographers and the results are beautiful. In the past I have used all kinds of scanners from flatbed to drum and there is no comparison when considering time, investment, and overall image sharpness and quality. There is a bit of a learning curve with the hardware and software, but if you can operate a camera and you are well versed in imaging software and photography you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting used to the system.”

JOSEPH RHEAUME | Program Coordinator, Digital Projects
Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona

Read Center for Creative Photography’s full procedural analysis of their 35mm scanning workflow. (below)
[su_document url=”http://www.creativephotography.org/files/ccp_35mm_slide_digitization_workflow_0.pdf” width=”700″ height=”800″]

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