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As part of our Process Control Live Webinar in October we discussed using the Overlay tool in Capture One CH to visually proof the color of a Target.

We are now glad to announce the download availability of complimentary DTDCH Nominal Target Overlays. You can download the overlay of the DT Next Generation Target v2, Color Checker SG or the ISA Device Level Target in your preferred color space by filling out the form below.

These targets are based off ideal values (i.e. the manufacturer’s stated values for each patch). The actual color/tone of a given specific target will vary slightly from that ideal value. If you’d like a custom overlay produced for your individual target please contact us at [email protected].

You can watch a recording of the entire Process Control Webinar under the “Live Webinars” tab here: DTDCH Videos. The relevant section begins at 36:55 and covers using an overlay to evaluate a capture of a target.


Fill out the form below to download the DTDCH Nominal Target Overlays.

After your submission, the page will refresh to provide the download link.