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DT RCam-X: The Reprographic Camera Reimagined

  The new DT RCam-X represents a significant upgrade to the industry-leading DT RCam imaging platform. Featuring a host of technological advances that make it even more powerful and user friendly, the DT RCam-X opens up new imaging possibilities for Heritage professionals worldwide.  At its core are cutting-edge sensor and shutter technology, which work together to create a seamless, user-friendly imaging experience while delivering the same uncompromising quality the DT RCam is known for. The DT RCam-X allows complete control of the lens through Capture One, allowing the user to control aperture, shutter speed, and ISO without using multiple programs or windows. The new shutter contains an electronically controlled aperture and an industrial-grade carbon-fiber mechanical leaf shutter, rated for over 500,000 captures, while the image sensor offers 100 and 150 megapixel resolutions. The DT RCam-X requires only one sync cable and one tethering cable — no additional power supplies or extra USB cables are required for usage. Perhaps most importantly, the DT RCam-X’s shutter is fully supported, warrantied, and repairable — something no other electronic shutter solution can claim. The DT RCam-X is available now, with special upgrade pricing for existing DT RCam users. Contact your regional sales rep or fill out the form below for more information on how to upgrade or purchase your system today!    


Join us on March 10th from 2-3 PM ET to learn more about our new industry-leading Heritage imaging platform, the DT RCam-X.





Download the RCam-X Product Brochure here.