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In our efforts to support the international cultural heritage community, the Digital Transitions Division of Cultural Heritage is excited to announce that we have partnered with a Polish distributor, AC&C. AC&C’s expertise and dedication to this sector makes them the ideal choice to represent The Division of Cultural Heritage’s philosophy on providing complete solutions and services for our clients now and in the future.

About AC&C
In 1992, Andrzej Czyz, M.Sc. established his own private company AC&C Ltd.  AC&C is a pre-press integrator and exclusive distributor of equipment including Birmy Graphics, Centurfax, Compose, ICG, Imacon, HSH, Phase One and Xitron.  During the 1999 Seybold Seminars held in San Francisco, AC&C was awarded with three HotPic’s awards for the first PDF native products on the market developed by HSH- a Polish software house.

AC&C offers professional digital photography systems utilizing Phase One and Mamiya Leaf digital backs and 3D-Viz.  With more than 100 systems sold in Poland, AC&C has 80% of the Polish digital medium format market share.  AC&C also offers consulting and training related to complete end-to-end publishing solutions.  Most recently AC&C has partnered with U.S. based Digital Transitions to offer a complete solution for National Cultural Heritage digitization projects.

For More Information on DCH Solutions in Central & Eastern Europe:  

Contact: Andrzej Czyż
Phone: +48 501 08 08 88
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.acc.com.pl