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Sharing Within the Cultural Heritage Community

The Cultural Heritage community is a tighly knit group and though there is great diversity within it there is also a great deal shared. For this reason we are starting a series of blog posts where we ask some of our instutional clients why they selected the equipment they did.

Chris Lippa, at University of Pennsylvania was our first interview. His institution uses three DT RCams with P 45+ and P 65+ digital backs and a DT RG3040. Read his thoughts about why they selected the DT RCam below.


Why did you select the DT RCam?

One of the things I appreciate most about our DT RCams with the Phase One digital backs are their simple, quiet reliability. They fit into out workflow and go about their tasks without becoming divas that requires constant attention. This lets me put my focus on the book scanning projects itself; I can trust that these book scanning cameras are doing their job exceeding FADGI performance for preservation level scanning.

On the rare occasion where the equipment has needed service, Digital Transitions has been quick to respond providing the best customer service we have ever experienced, making sure we are back in book scanning production immediately.

Over the past few years we’ve sent literally hundreds of thousands of captures through the DT RCam, and it has consistently provided images that exceed our expectations of quality. The only reason I can think of replacing one would be to upgrade to the next model (and I would take full advantage of trade-ins and other financial scenarios offered by Digital Transitions).