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Image courtesy of Minneapolis Institute of Art. Shot on Phase One IQ4 150mp.

With the new Phase One IQ4 150mp digital back, it isn’t just traditional photography that is getting the benefit of higher resolution. The Cultural Heritage world gets to see the “bigger picture” too.

DT RCam System with Phase One IQ4 150mp Digital Back.

The IQ4 150mp is fully compatible with the DT RCam and Sinar eShutter system. The new 12-Pin Multi Connector to Lens Sync cable takes place of the previous generation 8-Pin Multi Connector cable and gives new life to the RCam. This allows for 150mp captures with the 72mm and 120mm lenses mounted in Sinar eShutters, for both continuous and strobe lighting.

The only software setting change that is needed is the Pre-delay time around. 400ms of Pre-delay should be used to insure proper communication between the digital back and the USB eShutter controller.

When using the eShutter system with the IQ4 150mp’s Electronic Shutter Mode, you can entirely bypass the need for a mechanical shutter. A new feature of the IQ4 150mp is its ability to use prerecorded dark reference frames. Previous generation digital backs all generate a dark reference frame after the initial exposure which is used to subtract noise from heat build-up. This is done by having the sensor turn on for the same length of the exposure while the shutter is closed. For instance, a 2” exposure is followed by a 2” dark reference frame after the shutter has closed. The IQ4 150mp can use a prerecorded dark reference frame, eliminating the need for a mechanical shutter to cover the sensor for a dark reference frame. While the aperture of the eShutter will still need to be utilized, this eliminates the per-shot wear and tear of the eShutter’s leaf shutter. At this time, the Electronic Shutter Mode is optimized for use with continuous light sources, such as the DT Photon.

A Note About the Schneider SES

For the older Schneider SES shutter system, the IQ4 150mp can be used in conjunction with the sensor-based electronic shutter and continuous light sources in the same manner as mentioned above. It should be noted, however, that the Schneider SES system cannot be used with the IQ4 150mp in combination with strobe lighting. Customers looking to upgrade from the legacy Schneider SES should contact us for options. 

If you are interested in upgrading to the IQ4 150MP, please contact us for options and pricing.

Image courtesy of Minneapolis Institute of Art. Detail at 100%.

Image courtesy of Minneapolis Institute of Art. Detail at 100%.

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