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Solutions for Service Bureaus

Heritage Digitization is a field full of opportunity for those with the skills and tools to capitalize on it. We have helped Service Bureau clients win millions of dollars in of government contracts, secure exclusive museum and library subcontracting opportunities, and attract unexpected clients from around the world. How? Simply put: the speed, quality, and durability of our systems provide the greatest return on investment for service bureaus.

Research & Science

With our cutting-edge imaging hardware that exceeds FADGI-4 compliance with unmatchable throughput and consistency, our clients are able to deliver on even the most competitive contracts with exceptionally low turn-around time and the lowest cost per image possible.

Our durable and ergonomic hardware is designed to work year after year, and workflow-accelerating software and scripts, we have the technology to take your operation to the next level. Best of all, our systems are modular and upgradeable so your investment will stand the test of time.

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DT Versa

The DT VERSA (shown with the Hard Top removed) is a multi-role copy stand that allows the digitization of diverse materials, including books (using the glass top plate), film (partnered with DT FSK), loose manuscripts, and flat art. The DT VERSA is a fast and versatile digitizing machine that is a great compliment to any institution’s preservation needs.

DT Element

Legacy copy stands were not designed with the precision required for modern high-resolution digitization. The DT ELEMENT Reprographic System was built from the ground up for the era of digital capture.

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