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To access our previous “Project Lemonade” webinars from the summer of 2020, please fill out the form below. An email will be sent to you with the log-in information to view our full archive of past webinars containing hours of informative and entertaining content.

List of Project Lemonade Webinar Topics

Phase One IQ4 150 mp and XF Demonstration

How to Clean Your Digital Back



SPECIAL GUEST: NatGeo’s Julie McVey – Film Digitization and ICC Profiles: Imaging Kodachrome and Ektachrome

SPECIAL GUEST: Keith Major – Lens Selection for Beauty Photography

Workflow Secrets from a Capture One Master

Creating ICC Profiles with Color Targets

SPECIAL GUEST: Jeremy Moore – DT Coding Series, Part 1: Getting Started, Together

SPECIAL GUEST: Eric Philcox – DT Coding Series, Part 2: Advanced Case Studies & Considerations

SPECIAL GUEST: Jeffrey Totaro – Architectural Capture One Workflow

SPECIAL GUEST: Blake Griffin (Capture One) 20 Tips for Capture One 20

SPECIAL GUEST: David Wyble (Avian Rochester) Color Science: Measurement & Reproduction

SPECIAL GUEST: PHASE ONE’S LAU NØRGAARD The Past, Present, and Future of Phase One

SPECIAL GUEST: Tahnee Cracchiola (Getty) and Kevin Candland (The Asian Art Museum) The Fine Art of Documentation: Rethinking Object Photography of Cultural Heritage

SPECIAL GUEST: Steven Friedman Seeing Landscapes – The Creative Process

SPECIAL GUEST: Ben Cort (Portland Art Museum) – Focus Stacking for Museums – Getting the Most Out of Your Images

SPECIAL GUEST: Don Williams The Updated FADGI 19264 Target and GoldenThread Software

SPECIAL GUEST: James Johnson DT Coding Series, Part 3: Getting Started with AppleScript for Capture One

SPECIAL GUEST: Rod Klukas (Arca Swiss) How to Choose the Perfect Tripod Head

SPECIAL EVENT: Your Digitization Department in the Age of Social Distancing: A Round Table Discussion

Phase One iXH 150MP and the Phase One 72mm Mk II lens

SPECIAL GUESTS: David Shedlarz and Josef Blazar From Capture to Exhibition

SPECIAL GUEST: Martina Hoffmann Quality Assurance for (Mass) Digitization

SPECIAL GUEST: Tim Schantz Can We Love Too Much History

SPECIAL EVENT: Reopening Digitization Phase One: Internal Operations, A Panel Discussion

SPECIAL GUEST: Kevin Burke Incorporating Color Calibration and Eizo Monitors to Your Workflow

PA ArCHER Grant Informational Webinar

PA ArCHER Grant Drop-In Q+A

Film Scanning in the Modern Era