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Preserve your history and make it work for you

Do you know the value of your heritage? Like many media rights holders, you might have countless historical items sitting in storage — including volumes of news-assignment photos, bound scripts with handwritten director or actor notes, playbills, costumes, set pieces, 3D models, animation cels, old news clippings, production equipment, memorabilia, photos (prints, slides, and film) and so much more. You can monetize this content.

The beauty of heritage assets is that they are clearly differentiated, unique, virtually limitless and reusable, ideally suited to the digital and social media age. And best of all, they are all yours!

They could also be deteriorating and at risk of being lost forever. By digitizing them and adding them to your content management system — just like you might have already done with your old video and audio — you could turn those precious items into new revenue streams … and create a digital record of your history in the process.


Joel Meyerowitz Photograph

Photograph courtesy of Joel Meyerowitz, digitized by Pixel Acuity team using DT Heritage hardware.



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HistoryMakers Chooses Digital Transitions to digitize Personal Collections


The HistoryMakers Chooses Digital Transitions to Digitize Personal Collections Documenting African American History and Society

DT Heritage Hits the Road with the Walt Disney Archives


We would like to thank our friends at the Walt Disney Company for making this possible

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Why Digitization?

Realize the value of your Media and entertainment heritage

With the technology, expertise, and services offered by DT Heritage & Pixel Acuity, it is possible to create a very high-quality digital representation of your original assets, creating an immediately accessible digital archive. This opens the door for marketers, advertisers, sponsors, broadcasters, production companies, and many others to leverage these “newfound” items to the benefit of your organization.

Opera Scrapbook

Pages digitized by the Pixel Acuity team using DT Heritage hardware.

Joel Meyerowitz Vintage Car

Photograph courtesy of Joel Meyerowitz, digitized by the Pixel Acuity team using DT Heritage hardware.

Photograph digitized by the Pixel Acuity team using DT Heritage hardware.

  • Make these new assets available to internal teams, researchers, historians, educators, and more
  • Preserve your history — handle and digitize the items once but access and reuse them in perpetuity, with highest appropriate resolution for all applications
  • Protect your intellectual property through an online digital record
  • Head off disaster and the ravages of time through strategic redundancy
Story Telling
  • Capitalize on the public’s appetite for nostalgia and authentic content
  • Inspire new films, TV shows, news stories, documentaries, and more
  • Create new interactive experiences for your audience
  • Create new licensing and branding opportunities
  • Develop new promotions or other marketing efforts that build your brand and increase ROI for your marketing budget
content monetization

Meet DT Heritage

DT Heritage helps news organizations, production companies, movie studios, songwriters, publishers, theaters, and other rights holders activate the power of their un-digitized heritage by turning physical artifacts into searchable, accessible digital assets at the highest resolution available today.


  • Our patented technology produces images at up to 14K resolution, the highest image quality on the market and years ahead of the 6K that is just now becoming common. Since you’re making the effort to digitize, we make sure the quality stands the test of time — so that you can repurpose it in multiple ways well into the future.
  • So many of the world’s most demanding and respected organizations have trusted DT Heritage to digitize their prized collections, no matter their age, condition, size, or shape. Get the picture with our case study videos.
  • Unlike other digitization providers, DT Heritage & Pixel Acuity can tailor your solution to give you exactly what you need — products, service, training, or a mix of all three.
  • Our equipment is designed for ergonomics, ease of use, and speed, and it exceeds national and international image quality standards.

Photographs by Carl Van Vechten © Van Vechten Trust, courtesy of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.



We can digitize anything — even deteriorating film and 3D objects like set mock-ups and musical instruments — at a level of detail you can’t get anywhere else. You have to see it to believe it. Check out our product videos to see the equipment in action.

DT Atom

The DT Atom is the world’s most versatile digitization platform. The DT Atom is a table-top digitization platform that can adapt to nearly any material type. All DT products are modular and the DT Atom is no exception, with most of its adaptability owed to its removable tabletop. We call the DT Atom the “building block of digitization.” Simply swap out the standard reflective top for one of our seven accessory tops, to handle books, loose material, film, glass plates, textiles, maps, and more. Nearly anything in an encyclopedic collection can be scanned on a DT Atom.

DT Versa

Meet the DT Versa, our solution designed for the digitization of all kinds of collections. The stand, camera, and column seamlessly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization. The Versa allows digitization with or without glass contact. With the Versa hardtop in place, all scanning is done 100% contact-free. Removing that hardtop reveals a conservation-friendly glass top with a user-settable maximum and with such precise control of the object that the operator can raise the object to lightly kiss the glass.

DT Film Scanning Kit

Meet the DT Film Scanning Kit and say goodbye to legacy and drum scanners. At over 400 times faster than legacy scanning equipment, the DT Film Scanning Kit (FSK) delivers high-speed, FADGI-4 Star compliant scanning of film at incredible resolution. Helping reduce both your scanning and post-production time.

content monetization

Finding Value In Your History

There is tremendous value in your history, and digitization unlocks that value. Imagine the many ways your staff and external stakeholders could use your eye-popping, one-of-a-kind heritage assets. Quickly and easily produce retrospectives to honor media or entertainment giants or capitalize on current events. Create ads, social media campaigns, and other brand-building efforts that generate revenue. Sell NFTs to collectors. License images to publishers and advertisers. Inspire a director with the historic information to accurately recreate set designs or costumes for the next big remake or sequel. The list is endless.

Drawing of Entertainer

Photographs by Carl Van Vechten © Van Vechten Trust, courtesy of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

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