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DT Heritage is the leading designer and manufacturer of digitization solutions including advanced copy systems, revolutionary scanning platforms, and sophisticated automation software for your collections.

Using our diverse backgrounds in engineering, photography, conservation, and collections management, we provide custom solutions to enhance productivity without sacrificing image quality.

Our worldwide client base of top-tier institutions makes us the authority on Heritage Digitization.




With the technology, expertise, and services offered by DT Heritage & DT Heritage, it is possible to create a very high-quality digital representation of your original assets, creating an immediately accessible digital archive. This opens the door for marketers, advertisers, sponsors, broadcasters, production companies, and many others to leverage these “newfound” items to the benefit of your organization. Learn more about how digitization can improve access, storytelling, and monetization of your assets here.

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Use code ” DTVIP-Media-22 ” at checkout to receive a complimentary copy of our Cultural Heritage Solutions Guide and Planning a Digitization Program Guide

Planning a Digitization Program

Click here to download our Planning a Digitization Program Guide. This plan is intended for those who are involved with or interact with digitization programs in cultural heritage institutions. Specifically, the focus of this document is on still imaging of real-world objects. It does not cover the related fields of born­-digital images, nor does it cover audio or video digitization.

We have made every effort to make sure it is useful and informative regardless of the equipment utilized. However, it is especially helpful for those who are using or are considering DT Heritage digitization solutions

Solutions Guide

Click here to download our Solutions Guide. The market for Cultural Heritage is diverse, with many different needs and challenges. For this reason DTDCH delivers modular and configurable solutions, which can be tailored to all specific needs. 

Film Scanning Kit Brochure

Click here to download our Film Scanning Kit. At over 400 times faster than legacy scanning equipment, the DT Film Scanning Kit (FSK) delivers high-speed, FADGI-4 Star compliant scanning of film at incredible resolution. Helping reduce both your scanning and post-production time.

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We can digitize anything — even deteriorating film and 3D objects like set mock-ups and musical instruments — at a level of detail you can’t get anywhere else. You have to see it to believe it. Check out our product videos to see the equipment in action.

DT Atom

The DT Atom is the world’s most versatile digitization platform. The DT Atom is a table-top digitization platform that can adapt to nearly any material type. All DT products are modular and the DT Atom is no exception, with most of its adaptability owed to its removable tabletop. We call the DT Atom the “building block of digitization.” Simply swap out the standard reflective top for one of our seven accessory tops, to handle books, loose material, film, glass plates, textiles, maps, and more. Nearly anything in an encyclopedic collection can be scanned on a DT Atom.

DT Versa

Meet the DT Versa, our solution designed for the digitization of all kinds of collections. The stand, camera, and column seamlessly integrate with our software for fast and easy preservation-grade digitization. The Versa allows digitization with or without glass contact. With the Versa hardtop in place, all scanning is done 100% contact-free. Removing that hardtop reveals a conservation-friendly glass top with a user-settable maximum and with such precise control of the object that the operator can raise the object to lightly kiss the glass.

DT Film Scanning Kit

Meet the DT Film Scanning Kit and say goodbye to legacy and drum scanners. At over 400 times faster than legacy scanning equipment, the DT Film Scanning Kit (FSK) delivers high-speed, FADGI-4 Star compliant scanning of film at incredible resolution. Helping reduce both your scanning and post-production time.

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Our Expert Services

Our service division, DT Heritage, helps news organizations, production companies, movie studios, songwriters, publishers, theaters, and other rights holders activate the power of their undigitized heritage by turning physical artifacts into searchable, accessible digital assets at the highest resolution available today. If you want to digitize your physical collection but don’t have the in-house expertise, then you need DT Heritage.

Many companies offer digital imaging services, but no one understands the particular requirements of heritage preservation quite like DT Heritage. Our specialists have decades of combined experience working inside library and museum imaging departments. They’ve blended their unique insiders’ viewpoint with superior technical knowledge to perfect the art and science of heritage digitization.

That’s who will be working for you — on-site and off — from planning through completion.

Ready to learn more?

Continue reading about our solutions in our Film Scanning Knowledge Center and various case studies 

Film Scanning
Knowledge Center


Digitizing transmissive materials at the highest possible quality can be an intimidating task, so we built this resource to guide you through it. 

Case Study – International Digitization in Estonia 


The DT Heritage team was selected for an international digitization project by The National Archive of Estonia, in which we digitized a collection of approximately 100,000 pieces of film and glass plate transmissive materials. 

Looking for additional guidance on planning your project? Contact us below to get in touch with one of our experts.